Ecommerce development

We design, develop and maintain highly-converting online stores on Magento, Shopware and WooCommerce. With our services, these stores are scoring 40% higher sales than their competitors.

For the last 10 years, we’ve been improving user experience at countless online stores and boosting their sales. We’ve carried out thousands of A/B tests, which have resulted in higher conversion rates and average order values in hundreds of online shops. With our years of experience, we know exactly what makes users shop.
Leverage our knowledge and experience to get your online store selling more right off the bat.

We develop online stores in three technologies tailored to businesses at different stages of development: Magento, Shopware and WooCommerce.

What kind of online stores do we create for our clients?
40% better converting
Thanks to our 10-year experience in data analytics and A/B testing, we know exactly what motivates customers to buy online. That’s why we create shops that sell up to 40% more.
With the use of technologies such as AMP and headless, our e-stores can load up to 7 times faster. Faster site = more sales and a higher position on Google search.
Designed for mobile
Nowadays, mobile users account for over 60% of all online visitors. We design online shops that perform just as well as native apps.
Stable, reliable and trouble-free
Our experienced developers build scalable solutions that are trouble-free and stable. Thanks to this, you can focus on developing your business.
Our online stores are integrated with the IT systems in your company and its partners. This includes ERP, CRM, programs concerning warehouse stock and accounting, payment systems, delivery and price comparison services.
Great-looking and user-friendly
A good store not only sells but can also follow the latest design trends in order to maximize customer experience. Our experienced designers know how to create a project that combines both of these characteristics.
Google traffic is one of the cornerstones of every online store's success. That's why we create stores with SEO-friendly code and URL structure.
With state-of-the-art analytics
We’ve been implementing analytical solutions in ecommerce businesses for the last 10 years. When setting up an online store we always incorporate advanced analytics as well.
What technologies do we use to set up online stores?
We specialize in online shops running on the 3 most popular engines: Magento, Shopware and WooCommerce. We’ve got loads of experience on each of the platforms. Pick the one that sparks your interest and find out more about it:
Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, used by over 20% of the biggest online stores. No wonder - Magento is efficient, features intuitive handling, has an extensive partners ecosystem and enables easy integration with various ecommerce solution providers. Find out how we can help you take advantage of Magento’s potential.
Shopware is a unique technology, which makes it easy to configure and manage your online store at the optimal price. Shopware’s users can take advantage of code of the top quality and flexible open source, which makes it perfect for small online stores, start-ups, and even international corporations. Find out how we can help you take advantage of Shopware’s potential.
WooCommerce is a plugin to one of the most popular CMS systems in the world - WordPress - which transforms the system into a full-fledged online trading platform. WooCommerce is a great choice if you’re just starting out and want to test your business idea first. Find out how we can help you take advantage of WooCommerce’s potential.

What kind of online stores do we create for our clients?

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