Terms of use

Effective Date: October 25, 2017


These Terms of Service shall prescribe the terms and conditions of using the website of available at www.growcode.com (hereinafter referred to as ?Platform?). Services and functionalities provided through the Platform shall be provided and performed by company Conversion (hereinafter referred to as ?Conversion?, ?we?, ?us?, ?our?) with its registered office in Warsaw at 31 Rzymowskiego Street, entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS), under number 0000462300, with share capital in the amount of PLN 12,000.00, Tax Identification Number NIP 5213649253; way of communicating with Conversion: via e-mail – e-mail address: kontakt@conversion.pl; via phone: +48 500 834 252; via mail – address for delivery: Warsaw at 31 Rzymowskiego Street, 02-697, Poland.


an agreement for provision of Services by electronic means concluded by and between us and a User, the general provisions of which shall constitute these ToS

a free-of-charge service provided by electronic means, through which we notify the Users on its current activity and news by sending them selected and edited content in the form of an electronic letter

a website available in the Internet at the address www.growcode.com

Privacy Policy
the document governing security of protecting and processing the personal data of Users; the Privacy Policy shall constitute an integral part of these ToS and is available at the address: www.growcode.com/privacy-policy/

services rendered by electronic means by Conversion pursuant to the ToS through the Platform; we shall render the following Services free of charge: interactive forms available on the Platform websites, Newsletter

these Terms of Service concerning provision of Services through the Platform

an entity with full capacity to perform acts in law, using the Services through the Platform


1.1. Conversion shall provide these ToS to the User on the Platform free of charge prior to the conclusion of the Agreement, as well as – upon his/her request – in a way which enables obtaining, copying and recording the content of the ToS by means of a teleinformatic system used by the User.

1.2. The acceptance of the ToS is essential for using the Platform. If the User failed to read the Terms of Service and refused to accept them, he/she may not use the Services.

1.3. The governing law for liabilities resulting from the Agreements and the ToS shall be the Polish law, with a proviso that this may not deprive a consumer of the protection arising out of applicable legal provisions of the country of habitual residence of the consumer. The Agreements shall be concluded in the English language.

1.4. It shall not be allowed to use the Platform in a way contrary to the provisions of these ToS, applicable legal provisions, good practices or rules of social co-existence. The User shall not be allowed to provide content of unlawful nature.

1.5. We shall not place on the Platform any commercial information or offers filed in an electronic form. In particular, the provisions pertaining to filing an offer in an electronic form shall not apply.

1.6. The User may not publish any elements of the Platform, as well as materials provided on the Platform, to which he/she does not hold right, without our consent or our authorized persons. Users shall not have the right to record and copy the Platform on any storage carrier.


2.1. In order to enjoy the functionalities of the Platform, the User shall satisfy the following minimum technical conditions: a device with the Internet access which enables displaying the Platform interface, an installed and updated Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla FireFox 20.0 or higher, Apple Safari 4.0 or higher and Google Chrome 23.0 or higher, an active E-Mail account, enabled Javascript and Cookies support,

2.2. The User may terminate each of the Agreements for provision of Services by electronic means at any time without providing reasons, in the manner as specified here or in further provisions of the ToS. The Agreements for provision of Services by electronic means which consist in using functionalities of forms shall be concluded for a limited time and shall dissolve upon sending the content of a form to us or stopping using them. The User may resign from the Services in the form of interactive forms through refraining from using such Services.

2.3. If the Service requires providing data, including personal data, then we shall mark the data necessary for performance of the Services and fields which shall be mandatory filled with such data.

2.4. It is recommended that the User uses software which provides for protection of the equipment and operating system against malware and unsolicited operations of third parties.


3.1. Conversion shall provide the Newsletter subscription service free of charge for the Users who give their voluntary consent to this.

3.2. In order to subscribe to the Newsletter, the User shall order the Service through the form available on the Platform and provide his/her e-mail address, following the instructions in the form and e-mail sent to the address indicated by the User.

3.3. Upon activation of the button which confirms ordering the Service (?Subscribe?), between us and the User conclude the agreement for provision of Newsletter service for an unlimited time.

3.4. The User may at any time terminate the agreement for provision of Newsletter service by deactivating his/her subscription. Resignation from the Newsletter shall proceed by activating a relevant link provided in the footnote of each electronic letter sent under the Newsletter service.

3.5. The consent concerning the receipt of commercial information by electronic means sent by us shall be voluntary and the User may cancel it at any time.


4.1. Conversion shall provide teleinformatic infrastructure and ensure its smooth technical operation, what shall constitute the scope of its liability for the Platform and the Services.

4.2. The User shall have the right to file a complaint concerning operation of the Platform. The complaint should include at least details enabling identification of the User (first and last name, address for correspondence) and state reservations and comments concerning the Platform or the Services. The complaint shall be sent to the e-mail address kontakt@conversion.pl or to the address of the registered office of Conversion as stated at the beginning. If the complaint needs to be complemented, then we shall request the complaining person to make the complaint more specific.

4.3. We shall take a stance towards the complaint within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of such complaint if it had been filed correctly. The User shall receive a response at the address, from which the complaint has been sent, or at the address stated in the complaint notification form.

4.4. The User being consumer may take advantage of out-of-court manners of considering complaints or pursuing claims, in particular, he/she may refer to an arbitration court for mediation or settlement or benefit from ODR (http://ec.europa.eu/odr). To this end, a motion for mediation or motion for settling the case before an arbitration court shall be provided to the institution before which the proceedings are to take place. If the User chooses not to use the ADR, any disputes arising out of these ToS or Agreements shall be settled by a common court of general jurisdiction. Any disputes arising between us and the User not being a consumer shall be referred to the court with the local jurisdiction over the registered office of Conversion.


5.1. We may amend these ToS due to material reasons, whether legal (amendment of generally applicable law or change of organizational form of Conversion) or technical (modernization of the Plaform or Services, change of the operation manner of the Services). Users shall be notified on any amendment to these ToS along with the reasons of such change:
a. via e-mail, 7 (seven) days before the new ToS come into effect. During this time, the User should accept the new provisions of the ToS or refuse to accept them and terminate the Agreement.
b. by a message which shall be displayed on the homepage of the Platform 7 (seven) days before the amended ToS come into effect.

5.2. The User shall accept anew or refuse to accept the provisions of the ToS. Lack of acceptance of the amended ToS shall mean resignation from the Services.

5.3. With regard to the Agreements concluded between us and the Users not being consumers, we shall be held liable only in the case of causing intentional damage and to the extent of damage actually incurred by the User not being consumer.

5.4. The Privacy Policy www.growcode.com/privacy-policy/ shall be an integral part of these ToS.

5.5. These Terms of Service shall be effective as of: 01.10.2017