Hi, we are Growcode

We are here to build a data-driven world.
... And nothing will stop us.

The Growcode Story

The idea

Many years ago, we had a vision. We imagined a world where the majority of decisions would not be based on blind-guesses or assumptions, but on data. That’s how our mission to build a data-driven world began.

The first industry we aimed to revolutionize was ecommerce.

The work

For 8 years, we have worked with over 155 ecommerce companies and have ran over 350 A/B tests. We’ve tested the whole ball of wax and all possible and different approaches to grow revenue of online shops. We’ve remained focused on data-driven website development and conversion rate optimization.

The lesson

What we’ve learned is that ecommerce development is tough: it tends to go over budget; it misses deadlines; the in-house IT departments are sluggish; and best bread analysts, UX and graphic designers are hard to find. To make things worse edesigns usually result in decrease of sales and profits.

The plan

We knew that ecommerce development needed a completely new approach — a completely new way that would bypass IT bottlenecks and be based on proven process.
Something repeatable.

The solution

That is why we have created Growcode. The first solution for ecommerce optimization and an entirely new way for ecommerce development that guarantees revenue uplift.

Values we live and breathe by

We are honest, open-minded and friendly.

We are passionate about our work.

We are the best in what we do and we always will be.

We are like Chris Gardner
in “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

Meet Growcode’s management team

Mateusz Ogonowski CEO
Mateusz Ogonowski
Mateusz Dałek Head of Project Delivery
Mateusz Dałek
Head of Project Delivery
Mariusz Michalczuk Partner
Mariusz Michalczuk
Paweł Ogonowski Partner
Paweł Ogonowski