Hi, we are Growcode

We help companies build highly-converting online stores that delight their customers. As we're based in Poland, you get lower fees without compromising the quality that you expect.

The Growcode Story
The idea Many years ago, we had a vision. We imagined a world where the majority of decisions would not be based on blind guesses or assumptions, but on data. That’s how our passion for data-driven decisions began.
The work For the last 10 years, we’ve been boosting sales of online stores by improving their User Experience. Throughout this time, we’ve carried out thousands of A/B tests, which resulted in higher conversion rates and average order value in hundreds of online shops around the world.
The lesson Thanks to this unique experience, we know exactly what makes users shop and how to build fully-integrated online stores that convert 40% better and are faster.
We design, develop and maintain highly-converting online stores on Magento, Shopware and WooCommerce.
We are based in Warsaw, Poland, and work with clients worldwide
Most of our nearshore clients come from Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, but we also work with clients from the United States and Canada. Working with our highly-skilled team of project managers and developers based in Poland, you will be given attractive conditions for your project without compromising the quality that you expect.
Values we live and breathe by
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We are to the point
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We are the best in what we do and we always will be
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We face challenges head-on, seek for solutions and take the bull by the horns
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We deliver like Chris Gardner
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We are fair

Meet Growcode’s management team

Paweł Ogonowski Partner
Paweł Ogonowski
Mateusz Ogonowski CEO
Mateusz Ogonowski

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