Hairstore sales soar 26% with Growcode

Some people think that if your online store is running well, you should leave it be. A classic case of settling with what you have - can't do that in the e-commerce market. It's extremely competitive, so if you are not constantly improving your website - you may fall behind and watch your revenue plummet. Your IT department may not be fully equipped to deliver the best solution. Their work consists of a plethora of various tasks, therefore they may not have enough time, resources or expertize. That's where we come in.



Hairstore is one of the largest online hair and beauty stores in Poland. At Hairstore.pl, you can buy care products, shampoos, hair color, styling products, and more, along with hairdressing accessories and even furniture.

Website: https://www.hairstore.pl/
Industry: beauty


Driving higher revenue by boosting conversion rate (CR) and average order value (AOV). Achieving this by implementing a carefully-planned conversion optimization plan.

final results
  1. revenue up by 26%
  2. ROI (return on investment) of 195%.
  3. money saved by avoiding unnecessary involvement of the entire team and additional marketing investments.

It was a fantastic cooperation. We had specific expectations which Growcode exceeded. The results speak for themselves. Such significant increases delivered only in a few months time are really impressive.

Peter Kosciuczyk, CEO

Hairstore is a dynamically developing company in the beauty industry. Prior to its partnership with Growcode, Hairstore had already achieved considerable recognition in the hairdressing sector and boasted an impressive volume of orders.

In spite of many in-house optimization campaigns, Hairstore still believed more could be done to boost conversions and revenue. Raising the store’s conversion rate and average order value was a perfect challenge for Growcode.

About the Project

Hairstore CEO Peter was unsure whether the most cost-effective solution was to build an in-house team or work with an external partner. Peter wanted a results-driven and effective strategy that did not require his involvement and constant control.

He finally decided on Growcode. He would have 24/7 access to a team of professionals, cutting-edge technology, and an efficient process for implementing optimization activities.

Why was Growcode the best pick? There were three key factors:

  • Guarantee of top-quality services and expertise. He couldn’t be certain of the same level of knowledge and experience with an in-house team. 
  • Quick start and guaranteed results.
  • Industry-leading IT resources and technology. This saves money, time, and also often reduces stress as Growcode’s AI-driven proprietary application automatically troubleshoots problems.

Preparation and Tests

Before testing, Growcode conducted an extensive research. It included advanced data analysis, segment analysis, competition analysis, usability research, and visitor surveys.

Throughout the cooperation, Growcode tested a total of 58 different variants of pages across both the mobile and desktop devices. 

Nearly all page types have been optimized:

  • Homepage
  • Product pages
  • Shopping cart page
  • Checkout process and forms

Growcode implemented automatic prompts to customers to buy larger versions of the same product, thus increasing the average value of the order. Adding a product to the cart resulted in a recommendation to buy a larger alternative of the same product.

The results

Thanks to its cooperation with Growcode, Hairstore achieved a 26% increase in revenue,  which resulted from improvements to the overall average order value (AOV), conversion rate (CR) and a significant boost in user experience (UX) scores. The ROI of the optimization campaign was 195%.

Any partnership should be based on mutual understanding, common purpose, clear expectations, and constant communication. We are very pleased with the results achieved for Hairstore and the outcome of our cooperation with Growcode.

Peter Kosciuczyk, CEO