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What is Hyva?

Hyva is a type of Magento front-end that is characterized by high performance – it is extremely fast.

Google PageSpeed scores can reach over 80 for the mobile version and 90 for the desktop version.

Additionally, Hyva is very user-friendly, which means that coding costs and front-end maintenance costs are low.


Hyva - the fastest Magento frontend

Thanks to Hyva’s incredible slimming down – compared to Luma – it is characterized by tremendous speed.

In Google PageSpeed scores, even after thorough optimization, Luma achieves low results, around 80-85 points on desktop and 40-45 points on mobile. Therefore, more and more e-commerce directors and Magento platform owners have started to wonder how to deal with Luma’s outdated front-end.

Hyva achieves impressive results in Google PageSpeed. Scores of 80 points or above can be achieved for the mobile version and over 90 points for the desktop version.

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Why are the coding costs and maintenance costs of Hyva low?

As a completely new Magento front-end, Hyva utilizes Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS technologies. Thanks to its incredible slimming down compared to Luma, Hyva is remarkably fast and at the same time very straightforward.

As a result, even inexperienced programmers are able to code front-ends based on Hyva. Additionally, the time needed to code individual Hyva functionalities compared to Luma or PWA is simply lower.

Ultimately, this translates into the fact that Hyva is several times cheaper than PWA when it comes to initial coding. Moreover, it is also cheaper than Luma. Currently, we estimate that the cost of implementing an individual graphic project – i.e., a completely personalized online store – is about 500-700 hours of front-end programmer work.

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