Working with a certified company assures you they are highly familiar with Magento, adhere to high coding standards, and don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks. Additionally, choosing your technology partner is safer and more reliable because you know that a third party has verified the company’s processes.

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How to check if a company is a Certified Adobe Partner?
Why is it worth checking if a company is certified?
How exactly can you check if a company is a Certified Adobe Partner?
What other information about the company can you get?

How to check if a company is a Certified Adobe Partner?

When choosing a partner to develop Magento or changing your current partner who manages your Magento, you should verify if they are an Adobe-certified partner.

On the website, you can find a list of all certified partners. In the Applications section, select Commerce, and then click Apply.

As you can see, there are 350 certified partners worldwide in the field of Magento (Adobe Commerce—let us clarify that Adobe owns Magento, and the licensed version of Magento is called Adobe Commerce).

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Why is it worth checking if a company is certified?

When selecting a technology partner, you likely want to minimize the risks of implementing a given technology. One way to do this is to work with a certified partner.

Generally, a developer from such a company codes much faster (as they are very familiar with this ecommerce engine), which means, for instance, coding a particular feature might take 4 hours instead of 8. Furthermore, they code without errors and according to standards.

For example, we recently spoke with a foreign company that spent approximately 40 hours a month developing and maintaining Magento (basically Magento support).

So far, they have worked with freelancers and later with an agency that claimed to have certified Magento developers. Unfortunately, this company did not know Magento or Hyva (the new technology for Magento front-end).

After coding, errors would occur, and solving and tracking these errors took a lot of time. Eventually, after fixing one error, another would appear. This happened because the coding work did not conform to the Magento standard. There was a lack of standardized software development processes.

That is precisely why you should check if a given company is certified and has certified developers.

How exactly can you check if a company is a Certified Adobe Partner?

To verify whether a company is a certified Adobe partner, go to and select the geographical area of interest.

Choose your region. After selecting a region, a choice of specific countries appears. Then you should choose Application and Commerce.

Choose Commerce because Adobe owns Magento. Adobe Commerce is the paid, licensed version of Magento, while the Magento Community Edition is the same free version.

You can also check what is the primary location of each partner.

To do this, you visit the company’s website, and you will find a location under its name. By clicking on the company Growcode, we learn that it is a firm from Warsaw, Poland.


However, if we choose Smile, it turns out that its main office is in Paris, France.

What other information about the company can you get?

Additionally, you will receive information about the partner’s category (for example, Smile is a Gold Partner, and Growcode is a Bronze Partner with certified Specialization in Commerce).

poziom partnerstwa

Here, you will also find the number of certified developers a company has; click on Certified employees and check the number of certified employees with Commerce, that is, Magento, and their level of qualifications.

In our case, in March 2024, it looks like this.

certyfikaty pracowników danej firmy

You can also verify the level of these certificates.

Why is this important? Because it is worth checking the level of these certifications. Magento developer certifications come in three levels: Professional, Expert, and Master.

If a company has many developers at the Expert level, then knowledge about Magento in the organization has been thoroughly verified by passing difficult and paid exams. And that translates to your safety.


Suppose you’re looking for information on whether a company is a certified Adobe partner or if you want to find a certified partner to collaborate with. You can easily do so on the website

By choosing a specific company, you will find information about its developers’ number and level of knowledge, confirmed by certification.

I hope this post will help you choose a partner to ensure your safety and reduce project risk in new Magento projects and those you’ve already launched. We seek a partner to continue developing and maintaining your B2B ecommerce on Magento.

By the way—we are a certified partner with additional certified specialization in commerce. You can contact us here if you are looking for a solid and secure partner for your Magento project. In the beginning, we will talk more in detail about your situation and determine whether our approach would work for you.

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