Magento: Design and Development

Get a Magento online store that scores 3X higher sales than your competitors. We are a data-driven ecommerce agency that designs, develops and maintains highly-converting Magento online stores.

For the last 10 years, we’ve been improving user experience at countless online stores and boosting their sales. We’ve carried out thousands of A/B tests, which have resulted in higher conversion rates and average order values in hundreds of online shops. With our years of experience, we know exactly what makes users shop.
Sell 3X more than your competition right off the bat.

Leverage our unique conversion rate optimization experience. Team up with us and let’s build a Magento online store that scores 3X higher sales than your competitors.

Why did 20% of the biggest ecommerce businesses in the world choose Magento?
Extensive ec finc
Extensive ecommerce functionality In its standard version, Magento offers everything you need to run an online store, from discount and coupon mechanisms to flexible filters and customer and order management.
Open source technology You have complete freedom to adapt Magento to the unique needs of your business, whether it’s personalizing code or creating and installing dedicated plugins.
open source tech
High scalability
High scalability Magento can proficiently process thousands of products and orders - thanks to the efficient architecture and advanced indexing capability. This makes it fit for even the largest of businesses, like Nike or Canon.
Management of multiple stores and languages from one panel Thanks to the multistore option, you can easily adapt your e-shop to different geographical markets or customer segments (e.g., creating a separate platform for B2B customers). Your team will be able to manage all stores from just one panel.
Multiple Stores
Full Integration
Full integration palette Magento can be fully integrated with your company’s external systems and those of your partners. This would include working with ERP and CRM systems, warehouse and accounting systems, payment systems, delivery and price comparison services.
Omnichannel functionalities Thanks to the extensive API, Magento proves itself as a digital commerce platform, allowing you to provide your clients with the omnichannel experience they expect.
SEO Friend
SEO friendliness Magento is highly valued by SEO specialists for the great opportunities it offers in terms of search engine optimization. You can easily use and customize site maps (xml and html), friendly URLs or metadata.
Enterprise-class solution Magento Commerce is a premium version of the platform that offers even more opportunities for the largest players on the market (such as content staging, which can help you to easily plan your upcoming marketing campaigns).
Enterprise Class
What kind of Magento online stores do we create for our clients?
40% better converting
Thanks to our 10-year experience in data analytics and A/B testing, we know exactly what motivates customers to buy online. That’s why we create shops that sell up to 40% more.
With the use of technologies such as AMP and headless, our e-stores can load up to 7 times faster. Faster site = more sales and a higher position on Google search.
Designed for mobile
Nowadays, mobile users account for over 60% of all online visitors. We design online shops that perform just as well as native apps.
Stable, reliable and trouble-free
Our experienced developers build scalable solutions that are trouble-free and stable. Thanks to this, you can focus on developing your business.
Our online stores are integrated with the IT systems in your company and its partners. This includes ERP, CRM, programs concerning warehouse stock and accounting, payment systems, delivery and price comparison services.
Great-looking and user-friendly
A good store not only sells but can also follow the latest design trends in order to maximize customer experience. Our experienced designers know how to create a project that combines both of these characteristics.
Google traffic is one of the cornerstones of every online store's success. That's why we create stores with SEO-friendly code and URL structure.
With state-of-the-art analytics
We’ve been implementing analytical solutions in ecommerce businesses for the last 10 years. When setting up an online store we always incorporate advanced analytics as well.
What Magento services do we provide?
User experience design for online stores on Magento
Migration of e-shops from other platforms to Magento
Development of dedicated modules within Magento
Implementation of online stores on Magento
Migration of online shops from Magento to Magento 2
Advanced integrations, e.g., with PIM, ERP, CRM, payments or delivery services
Complex omnichannel implementation within Magento
Development and maintenance of online stores on Magento
Audit and optimization of code quality, efficiency and speed
What does the Magento online store implementation process look like?
1. Discovery
We carry out workshops with your team in order to get to know your business and its competitive edges, systems and goals.
2. Prototyping
We work on the overall e-store concept and its functional elements to maximize conversion rate and sales.
3. Graphic design
To ensure optimal user experience, we use graphic design to create a professional-looking online store that is consistent with the client's brand.
4. Implementation and integrations
At the implementation stage, we conduct backend and frontend work using agile methodologies to provide ready-made solutions as soon as possible.
5. Quality Assurance
We make sure that our technological solutions work efficiently and flawlessly by conducting a series of tests.
6. Production implementation
When the store is fully tested and ready, we then make it available to a wider audience.
7. Maintenance and development
After launching the store, we improve it with new functionalities, install extensions and updates and take care of the security.

Why choose Growcode as a partner for Magento implementation and development?

10 years of experience, hundreds of conversion rate optimization projects, thousands of A/B tests. For the previous 10 years, we’ve tested thousands of different ecommerce solutions and hundreds of recommendations. Thus, we know what really works.
We develop online stores that sell up to 3X more than the competition. We have unique experience and knowledge about what makes users buy online
We're not just a software-house that encodes applications. We have consulting experience which uniquely allows us to leverage our business competences with IT skills. This combination is crucial for a successful business partnership and helping you to create a professional and integrated online store on Magento.
Experienced consultants and developers with Magento certificates. Our team consists of experienced developers and consultants who have certificates to confirm their top-notch skills in the Magento ecosystem and its integration.
We always provide post go-live support. We are perfectly aware that building an ecommerce business does not end with going live, which is why we provide comprehensive support afterwards. We are a stable partner, who will take care of security, current updates, and development of new functions.
For 10 years, over 120 online stores have trusted us. We have experience in virtually every industry: fashion, beauty, automotive, electronics, sports and the outdoors.
Here are some of our clients:
Answear Virgin Limango Eniro Tylko Tagomago 4F Showroom Budapester

Are you looking for a solid Magento partner?

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