Google Data Studio: sophisticated integrations and dedicated dashboards
Monitor your KPIs on a regular basis with Google Data Studio.
Save up to 70% of time currently spent on reporting.
Are you able to make the right decisions based on all of the reports your analytical tools provide you? Doesn’t your organization waste time on time-consuming reporting instead of using it on more effective analyses?
Right decisions
In order to make right decisions and take action, the right people at the organization must have access to the right data at the right time What they usually need are metrics and visualizations that integrate and combine data from various tools (not only from Google Analytics but also from CRMs, Amazon, Google Ads, Display and Video 360 or Facebook Ads - you name it). Google Data Studio Dashboards are the perfect solution that addresses these needs.
How does the process of Google Data Studio Dashboards Implementation look like?
1. Business analysis
We get to know your organization and learn about the needs and expectations of individual employees at different departments and the executive team.
2. KPI workshops
We conduct workshops that help determine KPIs using the Balanced Scorecard methodology.
3. Google Data Studio implementation and configuration
We integrate data using Google Cloud Platform and configure Google Data Studio to create dashboards.
4. Individual training
We train your team on how to use the dashboards to satisfy their informative needs.
Ongoing support
We provide you with an ongoing support for 6 months after the implementation is finished.
What are the main benefits of implementing Google Data Studio dashboard?
immediate access
You have immediate access to integrated data Scattered data from different analytical tools is not enough to see the big picture - the decision makers need integrated data from various sources in order to make the right decisions.
You have all of the important metrics in one place In the age of Big Data only structured and visualized data grants you the ability to make accurate business decisions and track your goals.
One place
You save time you can use on more effective analyses Your analysts don’t waste time on time-consuming reporting and can use it on drawing conclusions and making recommendations that will push your company forward.
You determine the most important indicators of your organization's health Under the supervision of our experienced Project Manager your team will work out the key indicators that track how your company is doing.
For 10 we’ve been fuelling our clients’ businesses with data and increasing their profits with digital analytics. We’ve carried out over 200 digital analytics implementations (most of which included dashboards) and helped companies leverage data and drive thousands of actions.
Why should you choose Growcode to implement your Google Data Studio Dashboards?
We are the experts in the field of digital analytics and we know the Google Data Studio through and through — we are in the prestigious group of Google Analytics 360 Authorised Resellers which confirms our top-notch skills and expertise.
We carry out KPI workshops basing on Balanced Scorecard methodology. Over 70 companies have taken up our workshops and created their own KPIs.
As a company with a 10 years of experience on the consulting market, we combine the business insights along with IT skills necessary to create professional data integrating tools.
Exceptional quality at a fair price. We’re located in Warsaw, Poland so you can work with a team of experienced, highly sophisticated specialists at a fraction of the cost that you would be charged by your domestic service providers. We’re a nearshoring partner for dozens of cost-savvy companies.
Ready to leverage Google Data Studio in your company?
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