Google Analytics Audit and Implementation
Over 80% of website owners collect faulty data.
You don’t have to be one of them.
Get a tailor-made Google Analytics implementation that fits your unique business needs and start making data-driven decisions.
Tailor-made GA
Advanced configuration
Advanced configuration will provide you with previously unavailable information and will guarantee 100% data accuracy We have unique experience in implementation and configuration of the best digital analytics tools on the market: Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio. The quality of our work is vouched by numerous certificates: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 360.
We’ve accumulated our experience during 200+ implementations, where some of the ecosystems consisted of dozens of websites. Contact us and start making data-driven decisions today!
200 plus implementations
How does the process of Google Analytics Audit and Implementation look like?
1. Business analysis
We get to know your organization and learn what data your employees need as well as which tools have been used so far.
2. Installation and configuration audit
We identify and correct mistakes. We compare the tool with other data sources and create an advanced configuration.
3. Tool implementation
We implement tracking codes through Google Tag Manager minimizing the strain on your IT department. Then we configure reports and advanced settings in Google Analytics.
4. Technical documentation
At the implementation stage, we conduct backend and frontend work using agile methodologies to provide ready-made solutions as soon as possible.
What results will you get from Google Analytics Audit and Implementation?
High Quality Data
Accurate, reliable and high-quality data This is the backbone of every analysis that brings significant business value. With inaccurate data you make wrong business decisions. But not any more.
Maximum ROI Advanced configuration of Google Analytics empowers your team with more data for deeper analyses. These analyses drive results and increase ROI from marketing campaigns.
Tailor Made tool
Tailor made tools for your organization We adapt Google Analytics to the needs of your company (uncovered during business analysis). As a result we provide you with a dedicated configuration.
Individual training With dedicated training your team will jump start leveraging new Google Analytics capabilities and will reap all the benefits of the advanced configuration.
Individual Training
We’ve conducted over 200 implementations and audits of Google Analytics for organizations of all sizes (from small family-owned businesses to million-dollar corporations).
Why should you choose Growcode as your Google Analytics Implementation partner?
We don’t just carry out standard configurations: every implementation is adjusted to particular needs of a company, which we uncover during the initial business analysis.
We select functionalities to maximize ROI. For instance, we can create such an advanced configuration of the free Google Analytics that it’s just as powerful as the costly Google Analytics 360.
As a company with 10 years of experience in consulting we combine business competences with an IT skill set, indispensable to create a professional digital analytics implementation.
Exceptional quality at a fair price. We’re located in Warsaw, Poland so you can work with a team of experienced, highly sophisticated specialists at a fraction of the cost that you would be charged by your domestic service providers. We’re a nearshoring partner for dozens of cost-savvy companies.
Why should you choose Growcode as your Google Analytics Implementation partner?
Reliable data is the backbone of analyses that drive effective actions and lead to higher sales. If your organization relies on faulty data, no analysis or optimization process will ever make sense. Only reliable and accurate data makes it possible for a company to take valuable actions. In a situation when your data is collected in a wrong manner, you can overlook the most important metrics going south and unconsciously generate losses. We will carry out a thorough Google Analytics audit and show you how to correct all the tracking mistakes.
Reliable data
Custom Config
Custom configuration will fulfill all of your needs. An online store needs different metrics and functionalities than a landing page of a bank or a content-based website. We are fully aware of that. That’s why each and every one of our implementations and configurations is preceded by a business analysis. Thanks to it we’re able to design a configuration that is tailor-made to your business needs.
Advanced configuration will enable your organization to maximize ROI. No matter which tool you use (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, SiteCatalyst or AT Internet), it’s the proper configuration that maximizes the return on investment (even in case of free tools your company’s resources are the investment). We’ll adapt Google Analytics functionalities to your needs, which will enable you to monitor the level of goal accomplishment in your organization and draw the best conclusions from a thorough analysis.
Advanced config ROI
Know how
Google Analytics is not all there is: after the implementation your team will be trained to properly use all of the new features. Do you want your team to be successful with Google Analytics and its advanced functionalities? We will provide you with a dedicated training to ensure that. We know that 90% of success in digital analytics is the know-how i.e. people.
Did you know that with an advanced configuration, Google Analytics can provide you with most of the functionalities of the premium (and rather expensive) Google Analytics 360?
We can help you do that.
Is it time for your organization to step up its Google Analytics game?
Contact us and we’ll tell you how your company will benefit from the audit and tailor-made implementation of Google Analytics.