Digital Analysts Outsourcing
(Body Leasing)
Are you in need of a part-time digital analyst? Can’t find a highly skilled person? Or maybe your analytics team needs someone with high expertise in a given domain (e.g. implementation)?
Leverage Growcode’s digital analysts through outsourcing (body leasing) Our experts will work for you for the amount of time you need.
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Every company operating online has its needs concerning data analysis and tracking implementation (usually using Google Tag Manager) Unfortunately, the amount of such work is usually too small to justify hiring a dedicated person that would have all the necessary skills. Because of that, the potential of digital analytics stays untapped, analyses are done poorly and on top of that, Google Tag Manager implementation doesn’t keep up with new campaigns and landing pages.
With these challenges in mind, we’ve created the digital analyst outsourcing (body leasing) service Now, you can get support of highly-skilled analysts in the amount of time that you truly need. What’s more as we’re located in Warsaw, Poland, you will work with a highly-skilled individual at a fraction of the cost that you would be charged by your domestic service providers.
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How does Digital Analyst Outsourcing (Body Leasing) look like?
1. We assess your demand
Basing on your particular needs and our experience, we determine how many hours of support of a dedicated digital analyst you'll need in order to meet your goals (eg. 4h / week).
2. We establish the working hours of the analyst
Knowing your demand we determine the working days and hours of your dedicated analyst. With this approach you will know exactly when the pending tasks will be completed.
3.You directly work with your dedicated digital analyst
We prepare a comprehensive technical documentation that depicts all the changes so that your team knows what was exactly implemented.
How will your organization benefit from the Digital Analyst Outsourcing?
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You have the best analysts working for you We are digital analytics pioneers — we've been in the trenches for the last 10 years. Our digital analysts are certified by Google. As the Google Analytics 360 Authorised Reseller we have access to unique knowledge, beta features and trainings. Thanks to that, you get access to the best analysts on the market.
You pay for the amount of work you need It rarely happens for companies to have enough work to hire a full-time digital analyst. Within our outsourcing service, you pay for the amount of working hours you truly need (eg. 4h / week) and for the experience you need (we have analysts with different experience — from Junior, through Mid to Expert).
You pay
No additional costs
No additional costs (like sick leaves and dismissals) By choosing our outsourcing service, you don’t bear any costs or risks connected with people going on sick leaves or being dismissed. If our analyst dedicated to your project is on a sick leave or has been dismissed, his duties and tasks are being taken over by another, fully competent analyst from Growcode.
No recruitment investment Recruitment of digital analysts is one of the most expensive task on the job market since there is a shortage of talents in this field. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about costs or time it takes to recruit a skilled employee - your dedicated analyst is at your disposal whenever you need it.
No recruitment investment
Why should you choose Growcode?
We are digital analytics pioneers — we’ve been in the trenches for 10 years. We’ve conducted over 200 digital analytics implementations and supported dozens of companies large and small with their digital analytics needs. We are also an Authorized Google Analytics 360 Reseller.
We have the competences to carry out advanced analyses, including omnichannel analysis, marketing mix and attribution modeling. Mariusz Michalczuk, our Digital Analytics Expert has a PhD in econometrics.
100% assurance of data safety: we always work under NDA. You can be sure that your organization’s data is safe and secure. Our analysts are properly trained in terms of data safety: it is our priority.
Exceptional quality at a fair price. We’re located in Warsaw, Poland so you can work with a team of experienced, highly sophisticated specialists at a fraction of the cost that you would be charged by your domestic service providers. We’re a nearshoring partner for dozens of cost-savvy companies.
How can our Digital Analysts help you?
Our analysts can help you and your team complete every task regarding data analysis and tracking implementation. Here are some of the examples of work that we can do for you:
Schedule analyses and reporting We regularly carry out analyses like media mix analysis, user segmentation or efficiency of traffic acquisition channels.
Schedule analyses
Handling Google Tag
Handling Google Tag Manager We implement new tags and tracking pixels required by your advertising team / agency. Our analysts can conduct advanced implementations by writing sophisticated scripts.
Ad hoc (on demand) analysis We address questions regarding data in your organization and carry out dedicated analyses according to your needs and unique challenges (eg. campaign analysis in Google Ads or Facebook Ads, efficiency of sales funnels, multichannel attribution etc.).
Ad hoc
Tracking expansion
Tracking expansion When a new features is implemented on your website / app or a new campaign is launched, it’s very often necessary to expand tracking or implement a brand new tool. We conduct these tasks and relieve pressure from your developers.
Advanced R, Python or Google BigQuery analyses Google Analytics alone is not enough to carry out truly advanced analyses. Our analysts are able to use R, Python or Google BigQuery to perform advanced analyses using the data not only from Google Analytics, but also from advertisement systems or CRMs.
R Python
JS Tracking
Advanced tracking and scripts Our team doesn’t solely consist of digital analysts, but we also have JS Developers on board. With their skills we can prepare advanced tracking scripts without engaging your IT resources. Thanks to this solution, the necessary scripts are introduced faster and you omit the IT lines.
Creating dashboards in Google Data Studio We prepare dedicated Data Studio dashboards that are tailor-made to particular people on different positions and organizational levels. We combine data from different sources to create dedicated views that clearly present what is needed.
Dashboards Data Studio
Do you want to have the top-notch Digital Analysts at your disposal?
Contact us and we’ll show you how our analysts can help your organization tap the potential of data.