Digital Analytics

Digital analytics is a process that includes gathering data, analysis, coming up with recommendations and then taking action. Recommendations lead to actions that improve traffic acquisition, user experience and enable us to make long term strategic decisions.

In the age of Big Data, you have access to almost every little piece of information about your users We know how to convert this data into extraordinary business results. Take advantage of the potential of digital analytics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio. Make the right decisions based on data not guts.
User analytics
We are
We are an experienced team of highly-skilled individuals from Warsaw, Poland that for 10 years has been helping companies all over the world leverage data in a better, more efficient way. Thanks to our location we can become your nearshoring partner that provides you with exceptional quality at a fair price.
Digital Analytics Services
Google Analytics Implementation and Audit
Accurate data that you can trust is the cornerstone of effective and reliable analyses. We’ll help you reap the full potential of Google Analytics.
100% correct and reliable data — guaranteed
We have 10 years of experience with Google tools: Google Analytics (including Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio)
We’re an official Google Analytics 360 reseller
Digital Analyst Outsourcing (Body Leasing)
Are you in need of a part-time digital analyst? Leverage our highly-skilled digital analysts - they will work for you for as many hours as your business required. Google Analytics reporting, Google Tag Manager implementations, tracking implementation, Data Studio dashboards, advanced R and BigQuery analyses.
Google Data Studio Dashboards and Integrations
We implement Google Data Studio dashboards which will help you save up to 70% of the time you spend on reporting.
You monitor your company’s goals on an ongoing basis
The executive team gains immediate access to the vital metrics
You make quick and accurate decisions based on data
Are you interested in Google Analytics 360?
If your organization already has Google Analytics 360 license, we can help you use it up to its maximum potential. We can lend you a hand during the implementation processes or help you out with our digital analysts.
If you, on the other hand, consider investing in Google Analytics 360, we’ll gladly serve with advice. If you do decide to buy it, we’ll walk you through the whole process as the official reseller.
Are you looking for support in digital analytics?
Contact us - we'll have a talk to learn about your needs and challenges to help you find the best possible solution.