Ecommerce UX Audit

Did you know that 88% of users won’t come back to your online store if your site didn’t meet their expectations during the first visit?

Poor user experience results not only in a small number of returning users. It is also the culprit of low conversion rates, high ad cost and low average order value.
For the last 10 years we’ve been helping online merchants improve usability of their online stores and grow their sales. We’ve conducted thousands of A/B tests and worked with large multi-million dollar online stores. As a result, we know what actually affects online sales.
Thanks to the UX audit of your online store, you’ll be able to leverage this knowledge and you’ll know exactly what to improve to create an online store with sales that go through the roof!
How does the process of the Ecommerce UX Audit look like at Growcode?
Business analysis
We conduct an interview with you and your team to get to know your business, its competitive advantages, the actions you’ve taken up so far and the goals that you’d like to achieve.
Advanced analyses
We perform a series of analyses tailored to your ecommerce: from expert research (Growcode’s Funnel Model™) and detailed quantitative analyses to heat maps and usability tests.
Report and recommendations
We create a report that contains all the information on why your visitors aren’t converting and what should you do to make them start making these purchases (along with screenshots of ready-made solutions).
We jointly get over the detailed report with you during a videocall - we explain and discuss each and every one of the recommendations and answer any additional questions you may have.
Mockups and graphic designs
We design mockups and graphics that incorporate all of the suggestions into the design of your online store.
We take care of the implementation phase by coding all of the proposed changes in your online store whether you use Magento, Woocommerce or Shopware.
Would you like to run an Ecommerce UX Audit in your online store?
What results will you get from the Ecommerce UX Audit?
Depending on your needs, the Ecommerce UX Audit can be completed at one of the 3 stages:
Report with recommendations
(and an associated videocall). Basing on our research, we create a report that pinpoints the faulty elements we’ve observed in your online store along with the recommendations on how to fix them (with screenshots of possible solutions). The report is thoroughly discussed with you and your team during a videocall. You can pass the report to your graphic designer and implement the changes with your own developers.
Mockups and graphic projects
If your team lacks the designer/graphic skills, we can go a step further in our cooperation and create mockups and graphic designs that stem from our recommendations using the Conversion Centered Design. We know that it’s vital to not only know what to change but exactly how to do it as devil is in the details. Equipped with new designs, you can code them with your developers.
If your team lacks the coding skills or the queues in the IT department drive you crazy, you can leverage our team, which will swiftly and efficiently code the designed changes in your online store. Using our proprietary Swiftswap™ app, we are able to implement changes in any shopping cart platform.
How will your online benefit from the Ecommerce Usability Audit?
Higher revenue and conversion rates What makes us different from our competitors is the full focus on driving your online store’s sales. It’s fairly easy to improve a store appearance so that it looked more polished and was more intuitive. It’s much harder however, to make it sell more on top of that. We don’t want to brag but we can combine both of these worlds - improve look and feel while still growing conversion rates.
Intuitive and user-friendly user experience When we analyze your online store, we do it comprehensively. We go through all of the vital elements of every ecommerce store: homepage, menu, navigation, search, filtering, product pages, checkout and order form. We literally dissect your online store to gain deep insights and improve it’s user experience.
Lasting results We improve your online store so that a higher share of your visitors finishes with a purchase. With this approach, the effects of our cooperation are long-lasting. Your improved website will always generate higher conversion rates and sales than it did before our job was done.
Both desktop and mobile improvements Every analysis is conducted for both desktop and mobile devices. Thus you receive recommendations for both versions of your online store. Thanks to this approach, the growth potential is even higher, and you get a complete, 360゜plan of changes for your online store.
Would you like to run an Ecommerce UX Audit in your online store?
Why should you choose Growcode for the upcoming UX Audit?
10 years of experience, hundreds of conversion rate optimization projects, thousands of A/B tests. For the previous 10 years, we’ve tested thousands of different ecommerce solutions and hundreds of recommendations. Thus, we know what really works.
Exceptional quality at a fair price. We’re located in Warsaw, Poland so you can work with a team of experienced, highly sophisticated specialists at a fraction of the cost that you would be charged by your domestic service providers. We’re a nearshoring partner for dozens of cost-savvy companies.
A huge know-how transfer. You should look at our cooperation as a transfer of know-how and good practices. You can then leverage this knowledge to continue developing your online store together with your team.
Original methodologies and unique technological solutions. Using Growcode’s Funnel Model™ we can precisely pinpoint the elements that hold back your users from buying from you. Swiftswap™ enables us to code the changes without engaging your developers. And that’s just a drop in the ocean of our very own solutions.
Would you like to run an Ecommerce UX Audit in your online store?
Contact us and we’ll tell you how your online store will benefit from our Ecommerce UX Audit.