Did you imagine in 2006 when Paul Buchheit launched an application for Gmail for mobile phones, it would become a network forever? We have entered the digital era ever since and mobile apps have become an inseparable part of our lives. Not only do laymen embrace the mobile trend, but industry tycoons and leading mobile application developers alike are also enjoying its boom in the business.

However, the idea to combine the mobile application with the business has evolved so drastically, that every business now can build an app and manage their entire business on a click. The greatest reason, though, behind the uprising of the app market for eCommerce is the increasing demand of consumers. As per one research, about more than half of consumers successfully shop on their mobile phones nowadays. Having said that, it is highly preferable to have an online presence for every eCommerce business to revolutionize.

So if you are another of those eCommerce company owners who want to raise sales, take into account the applications below to get the best advantages it provides.

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HubSpot Mobile CRM
Shopify: Ecommerce Business App
Google Analytics

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HubSpot Mobile CRM

Hubspot mobile
HubSpot Mobile CRM can be a great marketing platforms

One of the greatest all in one inbound marketing platforms for eCommerce business is HubSpot Mobile CRM as it is capable of offering a full-stack software from managing the business to marketing to customer services. It is available for both android users and iOS users. You can easily display and upgrade contacts, track sales, access messages, and control apps after signing into the HubSpot application. The application covers features such as:

  • Add a contact or a new company.
  • Filter contacts and companies.
  • Interact with your deals – view timeline, contacts, and properties.
  • Add a note, activity, or task on the timeline.
  • Assign tasks to the team.
  • Live chat with contacts and clients.
  • Use reusable email templates.
  • Scan business cards.
  • Real-time notifications about important events.

However, the more encouraging news is the application is absolutely free. So, accessing your CRM when you’re on the move should make things a lot simpler.

Shopify: Ecommerce Business App

To manage your business easily from wherever you are is the goal behind Shopify app development. The Shopify – eCommerce business app enables the business to handle purchases, inventories, workers, and consumers from all over the world. This lets your business interact with your clients on a single site, be that by internet, in-store, or through social media. As a result, the business process will be easier and simpler with the Shopify App.

The application consists of features like:

  • Upload product photos
  • Set product and pricing details
  • Add products to collections
  • Fulfill, refund, or archive orders
  • Manage tags and notes
  • Buy and print shipping labels
  • Check conversion details
  • Monitor live sales and traffic
  • Real-time order notifications
  • Interact with staff
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • View sales performance
  • Compare sales
  • Create discount codes and monitor code usage

Moreover, people can also add comments on the timeline about the product and service offered by the business. With that, your business could decide on overall improvements.


Facebook logo
Social networking is easier with Facebook

Facebook is one of the powerful tools for social networking. This not only helps you connect with millions of people but also offers other business opportunities through Facebook Pages Manager. It’s one of the best strategies to create a large base of consumers when promoting sales at low costs. The application typically supports the below-mentioned features.

  • Create a page or multiple pages
  • Write updates to make it appear on your page
  • Add photos and videos
  • Schedule your posts ahead of the time
  • Boost your posts to reach more customers
  • Create offers or events
  • Access to admin tools
  • Have quick navigation to insights and page activity
  • Message tab to interact with clients
  • Translate posts into different languages

The Facebook Pages Manager also runs for all Android users and iOS users, so that the maximum people can take advantage of it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most common and free data analytics for all. By offering useful information into developing your business growth strategy, the app enables you to explore in-depth traffic statistics on your website. However, if you are wondering how you can get such insights from your website through the app, look at the below features that make it all simpler.

  • Generate traffic report
  • Track conversion
  • Track keyword referral
  • Track third party referral
  • Custom insight dashboard


Google Analytics reports
Google Analytics (Source)

When you use the app in your eCommerce business, you would be able to assess the position of your prospective customers so that you can select your focus groups. You will know what users on your platform are looking for and at what time. It also allows you to learn what consumers normally click on and to evaluate which ads and promotions are having more traffic. Based on that you can find out which content is ranking at the top and which content is ranking at the lower.

Do you also want to benefit from such detailed insights? Consider the application and gain more revenue from your eCommerce business.


Another great eCommerce business application is WordPress. It is the software for creating, uploading, and publishing content, handling your articles, removing or accepting comments, and monitoring the traffic and patterns in your blog. Your eCommerce business can reach new heights with WordPress as a WooCommerce plugin that helps you to transform a website to an eCommerce shop without any technological knowledge. WordPress is packed with so many cool features that keep improving, such as:

  • Plugins
  • Variety of themes
  • Upload or embed media
  • Built-in social sharing
  • In-depth insights and stats
  • SEO

Furthermore, WordPress provides increasing configuration choices, enabling users to keep the theme modifications independent from the marketplace.


Mobile apps for business are often referred to as a management tool, whether it is social media management or business management. Also, Hootsuite is one of those social network monitoring tools that enable you to reach several channels at once and watch what customers think. This provides you with a comprehensive rundown of how the business works digitally, providing vital information and a birds-eye view. Managing the stream is quite a little overwhelming, with multiple accounts for each, including a separate follow-up. With Hootsuite, all of your sources can be seen in one location. It provides features like:

  • Schedule social media posts
  • Manage social media content – post, store, tag, and search
  • Track social media campaigns
  • Measure conversion rates
  • Filter conversations through keyword, hashtag, and location

The ultimate goal of Hootsuite is to make it less difficult for the social networking team who functions day and night for potential leads and business revenue.


Seventh ecommerce app is eBay

eBay is an online trade site that is popular for its auctions and C2C transactions. This is free, meaning that everyone on the eBay site may create an account. This is up to you solely to determine whether to buy goods or to sell goods on the platform. For selling goods, you need to build a seller account, however, there are selling costs associated with it depending on the products that you choose to offer. It consists of the below-mentioned features.

  • Add inventory
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage sales and orders
  • Resolve order issues
  • CRM
  • Real-time alerts


The routing features for this app are uniquely developed to improve both the purchasing and sale experience.


As you see the evolution of the eCommerce industry is increasing day by day, it’s your time to boost your business with the mobile application. If you don’t choose the right apps for your company, you may already be behind the competition. Therefore, implementing the innovations and technology that provides the consumers with the right features into your eCommerce business app will bring the expected results relatively early.

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Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Canada, an app development company. She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.


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