If you are about to create your next big landing page to convert more customers and see your sales go through the roof, then you need to get yourself acquainted with some of the best landing page trends to fuel your inspiration.

For eCommerce stores that need to take advantage of their website to increase their traffic, gathering some landing page inspiration from successful examples will help you create the ultimate weapon to skyrocket your revenue and improve your eCommerce landing pages.

While gather inspiration can be easy, creating them from scratch can be a very time-consuming process.

To save time, businesses usually use a great landing page builder to simplify the task and create amazing landing pages that will convert.

With the right tools and the right content, your eCommerce landing pages are going to turn themselves into powerful conversion machines that will contribute to your annual income and bring more loyal customers than you ever imagined.

What will you find in this article?

9 Landing Page Trends You Need To Get Ready For The Future:
1. Minimal Approach
2. A splash of Color and Simple Backgrounds
3. Simple Backgrounds and Typography
4. Clear CTAs that Stand Out
5. Social Proof
6. Forget the Navigation Bar
7. Highlight the Value of Your Products
8. Two CTAs are Better than One
9. Interactive Elements to Rock Your Landing Page

Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

1. Minimal Approach

While you need to make your pages stand out, experience has shown us that less is actually more.

Showing your visitors more than they need to know can discourage them from taking your call-to-action.

To fight this hesitation, popular brands have adopted a more minimal approach when it comes to creating and delivering the best landing pages out there.

Keeping things minimal helps your audience focus on the important information that will excite them and lead them to conversion.

Keeping things minimal helps your audience focus on the important information that will excite them and lead them to conversion #landingpages101 Click To Tweet

Dollar Shave Club, for instance, is a great example of a brand taking advantage of the minimal layout to convert better and have greater results.
Minimal design on Dollar Shave Club landing page
Minimal designs might be simple but they can make your CTAs stand out more effectively. (Source: Dollar Shave Club)
Going minimal is one of the most popular trends you should consider in 2020 to fuel your landing page inspiration and help you create a landing page that will work no matter what.

Also, minimalistic landing pages were among the most popular design trends of 2019 since they are “a lot easier to navigate for the user. Instead of distracting elements, the messaging or information stands out instantly.”

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2. A splash of Color and Simple Background

As visual creatures, your visitors favor certain color combinations and visuals.

Since brands have moved from the vivid colors and format of the early 2000s, combining minimal designs with conversion appropriate colors has become the key to increase conversions and earn satisfied customers.

As research shows, “92.6% of people say the visual dimension is the #1 influencing factor affecting their purchase decision (over taste, smell, etc.)” meaning that the aesthetic part of your pages will determine your conversion percentage.

Brands that have taken that into account have managed to capture their audience through colors.

For instance, Indochino is a brand that creates custom suits for its target audience belonging to a specific age group.

To make their landing page speak to that audience, they choose a simple design with blue and black colors that keep it professional.

Indochino's landing page has a perfect color balance
This landing page offers the perfect balance of colors and visuals to attract the brand’s target audience. (Source: Indochino)
As blue is a color that their male audience usually picks as their favorite color, 57% of them to be precise, using colors that correspond to your audience’s taste can create a positive disposition towards your page and motivate them to click.
Favorite colors by gender
Blue is universally the favorite color (Source)

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    3. Simple Backgrounds and Typography

    As we said before, you shouldn’t neglect to pick the right brand colors to represent your business, website and landing pages.

    The same rule applies to your landing page backgrounds, where complex or bad designs can be a major deal-breaker for your audience.

    Instead of going big, you should opt for simple backgrounds that will be in harmony with your typography and CTAs.
    Beats by Dre features a realistic and inspirational landing page
    This exceptional landing page has a realistic image of the product to inspire future customers to buy. (Source: Beats by Dre)
    For Beats by Dre, this background image is simple enough to demonstrate the product to new visitors and please their eyes with its warm tones and a friendly face.

    While the copy of your landing page will be responsible for your page’s ability to convert, typography can equally influence its success.

    Simple fonts in bold have become a landing page favorite as they can set the tone and feel of your business.

    So, when you find the perfect background image, color, and text balance, then you will have the perfect weapon to charm your visitors and make them click.

    4. Clear CTAs that Stand Out

    Clear CTAs that stand out are one of the most important elements to create high converting landing pages.

    Home Chef, for example, has a great landing page example to show us the importance of having clear CTAs that stand out.

    If you take a look at the CTA, you’ll see that it is strategically placed underneath a video that is meant to incentivize their audience to pick Home Chef’s meals: “Do meal Prep kits save you money?”
    Home Chef chose a bright CTA button that stands out
    This landing page uses a brightly colored CTA box that is hard to miss and easy to click on (Source: Home Chef)
    Now you may wonder, is this enough to get visitors to click on your CTA?

    Well, it can but it isn’t enough.

    To guarantee the success of your landing page CTA, you need to choose the right color combinations that will make it both appealing and hard to miss.

    To guarantee the success of your landing page CTA, you need to choose the right color combinations that will make it both appealing and hard to miss. Click To Tweet

    Here, Home Chef takes advantage of the complementary red and green colors to create a harmonious and powerful result that pleases the eye.

    Since red is a powerful color that attracts attention, using it in their CTA is Home Chef’s secret weapon to get more customers aboard.

    5. Social Proof

    Social proof, a term coined by Robert Cialdini in 1984, is a phenomenon where we rely on the knowledge of experts like celebrities, influencers, etc. to determine whether something has value or not.

    For landing pages, social proof has become one of the most necessary ingredients to increase the credibility and effectiveness of the page.

    So, when we talk about social proofing landing pages we refer to the elements that will add that credibility and offer visitors a sense of security and trustworthiness.

    For example, numerous landing pages include trust badges, testimonials, customer counts, and customer logos to turn their landing page into a massive conversion tool.

    Here’s an example from Shopify:
    Shopify includes social proof on their landing page
    This landing page gives potential customers all the right reasons to join the brand: the number of existing trusted customers and testimonials. (Source: Shopify)
    Shopify incorporates three social proof elements to raise their landing page efficiency and turn it into a credible site that new businesses can trust.

    From the number of trusted businesses and customer logos to the testimonial shown in bold, Shopify’s page shows new customers that when they sign up, they will also become satisfied customers that will have nothing to lose.

    6. Forget the Navigation Bar

    Navigation bars are perfect for your homepage.

    However, they don’t have the same effect on landing pages.

    Since landing pages must attract your visitor’s attention and get them to click on your CTA, including a navigation bar on top will distract your visitors rather than incentivize them to click on the CTA box.

    According to Instapage, navigation links can kill your landing pages due to their distracting nature and “lower post-click landing page conversion rate.”

    Fabletics, for instance, has adopted the no navigation bar trend to maximize their page effectiveness and increase their conversions.
    Fabletics feature no navigation bar on the landing page
    No navigation bar, no problem! This landing page minimizes distractions by leaving navigation links out of the picture. (Source: Fabletics)
    The existence of a navigation bar can affect the success of your landing page more than you think.

    According to a landing page A/B test on Yuppiechef’s landing page, removing both the navigation bar and other links resulted in the increase of their conversion rate by 100%.

    And to make sure that your landing pages work, A/B Testing and usability testing can be your best friends to determine whether your pages give you the conversions you desire.

    7. Highlight the Value of Your Products

    While simplicity is one of the elements that make landing pages work miracles, there is another thing that successful eCommerce stores have utilized to reduce their potential shoppers’ hesitation and turn them into confident buyers.

    When new customers find your store, they usually click on a specific landing page with a specific goal in mind.

    If they are ready to take your CTA, then everything is easy.

    If not, then you need to give them all the reasons they should take it.

    For example, Urban Outfitters has a landing page to promote its customer loyalty program and get their visitors to sign up.

    If you pay attention, you’ll see that their landing page has some of the best elements described above, a CTA that stands out, great visuals and copy to tempt their visitor to join now.
    Urban Outfitters created an irresisitble landing page
    This type of copy boosts the conversion rate of this landing page, making the CTA almost irresistible. (Source: Urban Outfitters)
    However, that’s not what makes Urban Outfitters’ visitors convert.

    By adding a section that highlights the value of the product/service or showcases how the product/service actually works, your landing page is equipped with all the necessary information to give your visitors a clear idea of what they’ll get.

    As more brands adopt this trend, it is clear that visitors need to see how they can use your products/services without having to google everything.
    Urban Outfitters highlight the benefits for customers
    Adding a how-to section in your landing page will help visitors understand what they need to do to enjoy the benefits of your product/service. (Source: Urban Outfitters)
    By giving them a well-designed page that has all the necessary information your visitor needs to click, your eCommerce store will have at its disposal a powerful conversion bomb that will minimize bouncing and increase engagement.

    8. Two CTAs are Better than One

    Sometimes landing pages themselves can be a little distracting, especially when they have a lot to demonstrate.

    While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you should take into consideration that people are easily distracted by fancy visuals and text that will move them away from the CTA

    To save conversions, Beachbody on Demand has adopted the double CTA to get their visitors to click.

    Here is the brand’s first CTA found on top of the page:
    Beachbody on Demand and their double CTA
    Compelling visuals boost this amazing orange CTA that it’s impossible to overlook no matter how hard you try. (Source: Beachbody on Demand)
    After that, the landing page demonstrates how the product works in a simple and informative way along with testimonials to increase its efficiency.
    Beachbody on Demand landing page shows the value of the product
    This landing page also manages to show the value of the product by showing potential buyers that it’s easy to achieve their goals. (Source: Beachbody on Demand)
    After the demonstration, the brand includes the second CTA.

    If you pay close attention, you’ll see that the second CTA resembles their first call-to-action but offers more reasons to get started.
    Beachbody on Demand finishes off with the second CTA
    And for those who missed the first CTA, this landing page gives visitors a second one to remind them to click and get started. (Source: Beachbody on Demand)
    Reminding your visitors to take your CTA before leaving your landing page is the perfect way to increase your click-through rate and get more customers.

    Just keep in mind that to make it work you shouldn’t use the exact same visuals but come up with a new format to catch those who escaped your first CTA.

    9. Interactive Elements to Rock Your Landing Page

    Interactivity is an element that has improved a customer’s experience significantly.

    Since customers need to feel involved in the entire process, giving something more than the classic static landing page experience will help your store build a unique brand character that will distinguish you from your competitors.

    HappySocks, in this case, has a brilliant landing page to promote their Rolling Stones sock collection.

    Let’s see why.

    When a visitor lands on their page, this is the first thing they come across:
    Engaging actionable landing page by Happy Socks
    And action! This landing page uses interactive features to intrigue potential customers and incentivize them to engage with the page in a fun way. (Source: HappySocks)
    The brand uses the theme of the product to set the mood of the landing page, which, in my opinion, manages to amaze both rock and sock lovers.

    The landing page, though, doesn’t stop there as it has more animations to provide a fun and interactive experience to their potential shoppers.

    Landing pages like this one give visitors a new twist of the traditional static landing page. (Source: HappySocks)
    Since we live in an age of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, using something as simple as animations can excite your visitors and give them the best landing page experience ever.

    Since we live in an age of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, using something as simple as animations can excite your visitors and give them the best landing page experience ever. Click To Tweet


    As the most efficient lead generation tool, your landing page should be unique, less distracting and manage to capture your audience at first sight.

    Knowing what makes visitors click and convert is the best way to plan your own eCommerce store landing pages and increase your sales.

    To do that, you need to keep up with the current landing page trends, get useful insight, fuel your inspiration and, when you are ready, create the perfect landing pages to amaze your audience.

    Author bio:

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