Following these steps, you can identify the best Magento agency in Poland that meets your needs. Let’s get started on how to make this important decision.

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Advantages of choosing a Magento agency from Poland
How do you find the best Magento agency in Poland?
How do you compare ecommerce agencies?

Advantages of choosing a Magento agency from Poland

Choosing a Magento agency from Poland, as opposed to one from your own country, can be advantageous for several reasons.

One argument for selecting a Polish agency is that many local Magento agencies from countries like Denmark, the United Kingdom, or Norway often outsource projects to countries like India. In such cases, paying a higher hourly rate, for example, Dutch or Danish, often exceeding 100 EUR, does not guarantee that a Dutch or Danish programmer will perform the work. By choosing an agency from Poland, you can secure a lower hourly rate while maintaining high-quality services.

Another point is that outsourcing to Polish Magento agencies is cost-effective. The hourly rate for certified Magento developers is about 60 to 70 EUR. This is often 40%, sometimes even 50% less than working with agencies from the Netherlands, Denmark, UK, USA or Sweden. Therefore, outsourcing to a Magento agency in Poland is a good idea if you want to increase your margins.

A common concern is that the considerable distance will make meetings difficult (which is particularly important during the Magento implementation workshops). In truth, this is not the case. The flight time from Poland to most European countries is between one to three hours. This means that the travel time to a meeting isn’t much different from commuting to an office from the suburbs of a large city. Most Polish Magento agencies locate their offices near airports—precisely so they can quickly meet with partners from other countries.

In summary, outsourcing to Poland can be an attractive solution in terms of both work quality and costs. Polish agencies are known for their professionalism, and Poles have a high work ethic. Polish teams, culturally close to Scandinavia, including Denmark, encounter no cultural barriers that could hinder communication with companies from the USA, Asia, or the Middle East.

How do you find the best Magento agency in Poland?

However, there is one significant issue. If you are unfamiliar with the Polish market, you might find it difficult to assess which company is competent in Magento and which is less so. Naturally, when choosing a partner for support and developing your Magento, you want to choose a safe and reliable company.

I have prepared a brief guide to help you find and verify Polish agencies specializing in Magento.

Start by conducting research on the Adobe website. Adobe owns Magento and offers the best source of information about certified companies specializing in this technology. The page address is this link.

To find Polish companies, select ‘Europe‘ under the ‘Geographies‘ tab, then choose Poland as the country. It is essential to check the option ‘has a physical location‘. Then click ‘apply‘ to search for companies. In the ‘applications‘ tab, select ‘commerce‘ to narrow the search to companies specializing in Magento.

This will yield about 20 results.

Now, you must identify which of these firms are actually located in Poland.


Unfortunately, the search engine on the Adobe site isn’t perfect, and errors occur. This means that the list may include companies not only from Poland. For example, Epan is located in the United States, Smile is in France. Growcode is based in Warsaw, so this company is from Poland.

magento company adobe

Similarly, Divante, located in Wroclaw, also meets the location criteria in Poland. Unfortunately, you’ll need to review these 20 companies to be sure all are Polish.

After selecting Polish companies from the list, the next step is to check their specialization. This will allow you to narrow the list further to those that meet our business requirements.

A company designated as “Specialized” means that it has passed a special additional Adobe certification in a specific area. In this case, we were looking for companies focusing on Adobe Commerce, meaning they know Magento very well. To obtain a Specialization Certification, a company must have a certain number of certified employees at a specific level (developers, testers, etc.) and provide detailed information about several implementations. Regarding the number of certified programmers—the information about the number of certified programmers and the level of these certifications is also very important.

When choosing a company, it’s worth checking:

  • how many certified developers are employed
  • the level of these certifications (ideally Expert or Master level)
  • whether the entire company has a Specialization Certificate in Commerce

certyfikaty pracowników danej firmy

For example, Snowdog, located in Poznan, has seven certified developers. By clicking on their profiles, we can find out whether they have a certification at the Expert or Professional level.
Adobe certifies developers at three levels: Professional, Expert, and Master. The more people in the team with higher-level certifications, the more security and competence the company offers. This is key to the quality of the service and should be one of the first criteria for choosing a Magento agency.

This way, select 5 companies from this list.

The next step is to check these companies on an external portal, such as Clutch.

Clutch is a portal where companies can set up profiles and where reviews of completed projects are precisely verified. If you create a list of 5 companies you want to consider, check on Clutch, which has a rating of at least 4.9 and at least fifteen reviews. This way, you will know that the company has already completed several projects.

clutch profile

Combine information from both sources and choose three or four companies to which you should send a request for a proposal. This concludes the first stage of finding the relevant companies.

How do you compare ecommerce agencies?

Now it’s time to compare the companies. I prepared a 10-point checklist.

  1. After sending the requests and initial meetings, pay attention to the hourly rate, which should be between 60 and 80 EUR. At this price, you will get an excellent team in Poland. Below 60 EUR, programming teams are usually weaker. This is the threshold for a good team. Above 80 EUR, the rate is high, even for very experienced programmers in Poland.
  2. Another important thing is whether a dedicated project team will be assigned to your project. There must be no frequent changes in the team. Moreover, you should have the opportunity to meet the project team before starting cooperation and receive a guarantee that these exact programmers will work on your project. It is worth checking whether the programmers assigned to your project have certificates.
  3. Next, ask about the quality control process. The company should inform you about a three-level quality control process. The first level is a code review performed by another programmer. The second level is manual testing conducted by a tester, who should also be a permanent member of the project team. In the end, automated tests should be conducted to verify critical processes, such as placing an order in your online store.
  4. Another aspect to check is whether the tester assigned to your project has an Adobe certificate. This is very important, as testers often do not have an Adobe certificate, so they may not know Magento well enough. Lack of knowledge of the details of various Magento solutions can affect the quality of their tests. That translates to more bugs in your Magento.
  5. Another important aspect is whether cooperation begins with a code audit before acceptance. This process is flawed if a company immediately takes over the code and starts coding without checking it. Any company providing a good programming process initially verifies the quality of the code, conducts an audit, analyzes project risks, and formulates recommendations for improvements that should be introduced at the very beginning.
  6. Next, it is worth checking whether, in addition to the project manager, an e-commerce consultant also works on the project. The project manager in Magento agencies usually handles the organization and management of the work of developers. An e-commerce consultant provides a proactive and business approach to the project. The absence of such a person may indicate a lack of proactivity on the part of the e-commerce agency.
  7. Suppose you want to commission the implementation of Magento (and not just Magento Support for an existing project). In that case, the next issue is checking what the pre-implementation analysis looks like. It should be a comprehensive analysis that ends with the preparation of user stories, acceptance criteria, graphic designs, system architecture, and a list of project risks. This is crucial because superficial pre-implementation analysis can lead to incorrect initial budget estimates, which can cost you security and financial predictability.
  8. The next step is to choose an agency that offers you the opportunity to conduct initial workshops in your office, not remotely. Meeting with the project team is crucial, so it is worth choosing a company that regularly visits your city, for example, once a month or quarter.
  9. Another important aspect is the guarantee of maintaining fixed rates throughout the year. Ensure the agency does not change its prices a few months into the cooperation.
  10. If you plan to create a front end using Hyva, check whether the potential partner is a certified Hyva partner. Certification guarantees that an independent company has verified the agency’s processes and work methods, which is essential for ensuring the safety and solidity of cooperation.


In summary, by following these tips, you will choose a Magento agency from Poland that provides security, reliability of cooperation, and a high level of services related to Magento.

By choosing a Polish agency, you can achieve significant cost benefits, as cooperation costs can be 40 to 50% lower than hiring an agency from abroad. You will thus have security and lower costs. In my opinion, it’s worth it.

Let’s discuss whether you are looking for a verifiable agency from Poland that will be a safe and reliable choice. We will discuss your situation and see if we can be helpful in developing your ecommerce.

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