Shopify is a great ecommerce solution, but do you know what budget you need to maintain it? In this post, I will present the cost of maintaining Shopify based on a specific example!

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How much does it cost to maintain Shopify?
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Cost of maintaining Shopify
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How much does it cost to maintain Shopify?

Monthly Shopify maintenance costs consist of four main elements.

  • The first element is fees for using an external payment gateway, i.e., transaction fees that you incur in Poland.
  • The second element is the license fee.
  • The third is fees for modules.
  • The fourth, maintenance support offered by the Shopify agency you work with.

For example, suppose you generate about 37.500 USD/EUR in revenue per month. In that case, the total monthly costs associated with using Shopify will range from about 925 to 1.250 USD/EUR, depending on the selected license level.

Shopify licenses

Various levels of Shopify licenses, which differ in the amount of the transaction fee with an external payment operator, are available on the Polish market. There are three main levels: Shopify Basic, Shopify, and Shopify Advanced.

If you use the Przelewy24 service, you must consider an additional transaction fee. This fee is 2% for Shopify Basic, 1% for Shopify, and 0.6% for Shopify Advanced.

Each license also has different monthly costs. Shopify Basic costs about 32 USD/EUR, Shopify 92 USD/EUR, and Shopify Advanced 399 USD/EUR.

Cost of maintaining Shopify

Now, I will discuss the monthly costs of owning Shopify, depending on the chosen plan and the size of monthly revenues.

We will consider example revenue budgets of 10.000, 37.500, and 75.000 USD/EUR per month.

For each Shopify plan, this monthly revenue will be subject to a transaction fee. To this, you must add the licensing fee, the fee for third-party modules, and the cost of monthly support from an external agency.

I assumed that you would pay about 100 USD/EUR monthly for third-party modules. This is an estimated amount, as the actual fee depends on the number of third-party modules used. Often, modules are charged based on usage, for example, the number of users using third-party modules. Therefore, the fee might be not 100 USD/EUR, but 150 USD/EUR or 50 USD/EUR

Additionally, I established that support from an external technology partner amounts to six hours per month. With Shopify, most configurations can be done by yourself, and it is not certain whether even these six hours of support are overestimated.

I took a rate that I consider achievable in the market, which is about 65 USD/EUR. Currently, it is June 2024.

Monthly revenue of 10.000 USD/EUR

In this case, the Shopify plan proves to be the most beneficial, with a monthly cost of about 670 USD/EUR. This amount includes the licensing fee, the cost of third-party modules, and collaboration with an external partner. Moreover, you no longer incur any costs for hosting or servers, as they are included in the licensing fee.

If we reduce the monthly revenue 5.000 USD/EUR, the Shopify plan still seems more advantageous than Shopify Basic. With a revenue of 1.250 USD/EUR per month, the Shopify Basic plan becomes more cost-effective.

Monthly revenue of 37.500 USD/EUR

With a monthly revenue of 37.500 USD/EUR, the Shopify plan still proves to be the most beneficial, with a monthly cost of 920 USD/EUR.

This cost includes a transaction fee with external payment operators amounting to 1%, a licensing fee of 70 USD/EUR, a fee for third-party modules of 100 USD/EUR, and technical support.

Monthly revenue of 75.000 USD/EUR

In the case of generating 75.000 USD/EUR in monthly revenue, the most beneficial plan will be Shopify Advanced, with a monthly cost of about 1.250 USD/EUR.

In summary, choosing the right Shopify plan depends on the monthly revenue and individual needs related to technical support and third-party modules. In my opinion, 1.000 USD/EUR per month is a relatively small amount, considering the costs associated with any open-source solution.

When using PrestaShop, monthly expenses for technological support, updates, hosting fees, and others can be significantly higher. By paying a set monthly fee, you gain certainty that all costs are already included, and the system operates smoothly.

How to reduce the costs of maintaining Shopify?

To reduce monthly fees, you can take a few simple steps.

Method #1

One of them is reducing the number of third-party modules, which not only lowers costs but also improves the performance of the service. For example, if the previous store generated 75.000 USD/EUR per month, using Shopify might prove to be the most economical.

By reducing the number of third-party modules, you can lower costs from 100 USD/EUR to 50 USD/EUR.

Method #2

Additionally, limiting technological support to two hours per month can significantly reduce monthly expenses. As a result, the total cost of maintaining an online store could drop to 680 USD/EUR per month, which represents a significant savings of almost 399 USD/EUR.


In summary, the monthly costs of maintaining Shopify consist of four main elements.

The first one is the transaction fee for using an external payment gateway other than Shopify Payments. As Shopify Payments is not available in Poland, you must use an alternative gateway and incur related costs.

The second element is the license fee, which ranges from around 32 USD/EUR to 399 USD/EUR per month.

The next cost is the monthly fee for modules that you use. These are modules available at the Shopify Store, Shopify App Store.

The last component is the fee for support from an external agency, which depends on the amount of support hours. For example, a store that achieves monthly turnovers of 37.500 USD/EUR should choose the Shopify license, as it is the most cost-effective for them. The monthly cost of such a license is about 920 USD/EUR.

If, on the other hand, you are considering choosing a Shopify and are not sure which direction to choose, write to me on LinkedIn or reach out to us through the form on our company’s website. We will thoroughly discuss your business requirements and based on that, recommend the best solution for your business.

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