Shopify is a great ecommerce solution, but do you know what budget you need to maintain it? In this post, I will present the cost of maintaining Shopify based on a specific example!

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How much does it cost to implement Shopify?
Scope of Shopify implementation
What determines the cost of implementing Shopify?
Assumptions for implementing Shopify

How much does it cost to implement Shopify?

Initially, a simple answer to this question. For implementing Shopify with a ready-made template, you’ll pay from 12.500 USD/EUR to 17.500 USD/EUR.

However, for deploying a custom graphic design, without using PWA, the cost will range from 30.500 USD/EUR to about USD/EUR 42.500 USD/EUR.

Scope of Shopify implementation

Now let’s move on to a more detailed explanation of where these amounts come from. Let’s start with the scope of implementation.

In this example estimate, I included conducting a pre-implementation analysis, preparing graphic designs or fitting a selected, ready-made template.

Then, coding, configuration, and execution of all necessary integrations are performed. This process, in the case of Shopify deployment, takes several months and is the most costly.

At the end, data migration occurs. At this stage, order and product data are migrated, and SEO migration is performed. This is a set of actions aimed at ensuring that the new store will not have low results in Google’s organic search results upon launch.

Then the final UAT (User Acceptance Testing) tests are conducted.

The last stage of implementation is the production launch of the new service. This is the moment when the new service based on Shopify is made available to all internet users.

What determines the cost of implementing Shopify?

Most Shopify implementations on the market are realized on a Time & Materials basis, meaning that you pay for the hours worked. There are certain modifications to this settlement. Some providers offer a Time & Materials model with a guarantee not to exceed a specified number of hours. For example, they say that the implementation will take from 200 to 400 hours, but if it exceeds 500 hours, they do not charge for each additional hour.

The final cost of implementing a store on Shopify is influenced by two main factors.

  • The first is the hourly rate of the ecommerce agency you choose for the Shopify implementation.
  • The second factor is the number of hours needed to prepare, code, and launch the service in production.

Let’s break down these two factors in more detail.

What is the current, as of June 2024, hourly rate for agencies handling Shopify? After numerous discussions with various agencies, an hourly rate of about 62.50 USD/EUR can be assumed. Of course, this is not a guarantee that the agency you work with will propose such a rate, but it is achievable. Some top-notch agencies have a higher rate, while others, aggressively capturing the market, have a lower one. Assuming a rate of about 62.50 USD/EUR is correct.

The second factor is the number of hours needed to perform pre-implementation analysis, programming work, integrations, data migration, and launching the service. If you opt for a ready-made Shopify template, the number of hours will be between 200 and 280. However, a custom graphic project, without using a ready-made template, requires from 480 to 680 hours. Multiplying the number of hours by the hourly rate gives cost ranges.

It is worth noting that the cost of the template is omitted in the implementation costs, as in the total cost of implementation, it is almost negligible. In the official Shopify store, you can find templates costing from $140 to $400. With the overall cost of implementation, this is a minor share, so I omitted it.

The cost of implementing Shopify on a template should include the cost of that template. Why don’t we add the cost of additional modules? Currently, most modules used in Shopify are billed according to usage. The cost of using a module depends on the number of users using it. We practically pay the fee every month. Fewer and fewer modules are paid upfront at the beginning of implementation. Usually, these are modules for which you must pay regularly every month.

Assumptions for implementing Shopify

If you multiply the number of hours by the hourly rate, you will receive an ecommerce budget on a template from about 12.500 USD/EUR to 17.500 USD/EUR. In the case of a custom graphic design, it ranges from 30.000 USD/EUR to 42.500 USD/EUR.

Here are some assumptions to keep in mind when it comes to these sample prices.

Integrated store

For this budget, you get an integrated ecommerce with internal systems, exemplarily with an ERP system. You can reduce the cost of deploying Shopify. By limiting it, however, you will not have integration between the ecommerce and ERP system, which is not an optimal solution.

B2C store

The second point in these assumptions is the fact that within the budget, you receive a solid store selling in the B2C model, not B2B, without additional features. The store will have a simple RMA process and product comparator, but there will be no advanced product configurator, as it would not fit within the given budget. You will receive a robust ecommerce that generates a high conversion rate and high average order value, but it does not operate in a very unique sales model.

Implementation by an ecommerce agency

It is worth noting that the estimates are based on conversations with ecommerce agencies, not freelancers. If you choose to collaborate with a freelancer or an agency from India, the implementation budget might be smaller. However, the quality of the implementation could also be lower. In this case, we are talking about cooperation with a Polish agency, which is a certified Shopify partner and offers high-quality project realization.

Here are the assumptions to remember, but will the deployment of your ecommerce on Shopify cost exactly as much as I mentioned? Probably not, if the functional scope of deployment differs significantly.

However, suppose you want an ecommerce that is well-coded, with high-quality code, well-converting, and integrated, but without functional fireworks. In that case, you will pay approximately in the range I previously mentioned. These data are sufficient as a benchmark for comparing the costs of deploying different technologies.


The cost of deploying Shopify will depend on whether you will be using a ready-made Shopify template. If so, you’ll probably pay from 12.500 USD/EUR to 17.500 USD/EUR.

If you decide on a custom graphic design, but without using PWA, the cost will range from 30.000 USD/EUR to 42.500 USD/EUR.

If, on the other hand, you are considering choosing a Shopify and are not sure which direction to choose, write to me on LinkedIn or reach out to us through the form on our company’s website. We will thoroughly discuss your business requirements and based on that, recommend the best solution for your business.

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