Email marketing is one of those digital types of marketing that requires a lot of attention. On one hand, you are always thinking about how to start a professional email without sounding too formal. On the other hand, you need to think about how to make a business email stand out in a way that it will actually get read by the recipient.

Indeed, the majority of your audience is probably getting dozens of business emails every week. Having a good email marketing strategy can help you design your emails in a way that they will actually get through to your readers. And, of course, one of the most efficient ways to do this is by using email templates as a part of your strategy. This step-by-step guide will help you get started with free email templates.

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What Is an Email Marketing Plan and Why Having One Is Important?
How Can Free Email Templates Help Your Email Marketing Plan?
20 Free Email Templates to Help You Start Launching Successful Email Campaigns

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What Is an Email Marketing Plan and Why Having One Is Important?

The definition of an email marketing plan is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a plan or strategy that you follow throughout your email marketing campaigns. In essence, a good email marketing plan can help you manage many different aspects of your email marketing campaigns including:

  • Subscriber List
  • Email Designs
  • Delivery Schedule
  • A/B Testing of Emails
  • Performance Analysis
  • Idea Generation
  • Subject Line Creation
  • Writing Email Body Text
  • Tracking Code Addition
  • Editing and Proofreading

How Can Free Email Templates Help Your Email Marketing Plan?

When creating emails, many marketers and business owners are usually confused about what these emails should look like and what they should contain to be impactful. That’s why using free email templates can help you get started and figure out what you want your emails to look like. You don’t necessarily have to use free templates all the time, but they are essential for making those first steps in email marketing and launching successful email campaigns.

Keep in mind that even though some free email templates are themed for a specific industry (for example, pet products or women’s apparel), you can always customize them to your own liking and add the text and visuals that fit your business. In other words, most of these templates are great for any niche as long as you edit them properly.

20 Free Email Templates to Help You Start Launching Successful Email Campaigns

#1 Basic Template

Basic Template
Perfect email template to get started
This Basic template is an example of a professional email that is stripped down to its most basic elements and focuses on information over design. In other words, if you don’t want to go hard with your design, this is the perfect email template to get started. On the other hand, a template like this can help you find your own design style for emails which will also help you with branding.

#2 Welcome Template

This Welcome template is the one sent to a new subscriber to welcome them and help them get started with your business. Such emails are usually longer than the ones you will be sending out later on during campaigns because they are meant to provide all the basic information right away. You can introduce the reader to your product selection, the shipping and delivery options, the contact information, the blog, upcoming events, and so on.

#3 Click-Me Template

This Click-Me template serves multiple purposes. You can send it out to past customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while, but you can also use the template for password reset emails, conformational emails, and so on. These emails are meant to be short, plain, and simple which is what this design is. You only need to have your brand logo at the beginning to show that it is, indeed, an email from your company and not someone else.

#4 App Launch Template

App Launch Template
Great for introducing your business app
This App Launch template is great for introducing your business app, but you can also use it for other news, updates, and announcements. With the number of downloads displayed proudly in the middle of the email, you encourage your readers to check out and download the app just like everyone else has done already. In addition to that, the last section of the email with the app’s features helps you explain what it is about in three simple snippets.

#5 New Season Template (Fashion)

This New Season template is great for fashion brands of all sizes announcing a new season or collection. You won’t need to include absolutely every new item you have — rather, the email is meant to showcase the brightest and most appealing pieces that will encourage your audience to go to your website or to a physical store to check out what you have. The visuals play a huge role here which is why they take up so much space in the email.

#6 Free Shipping Template (Fashion)

This Free Shipping template looks sleek and elegant because of the two primary colors it uses: black and gold. This combination has always been appealing, and even though the gold is more an ochre or beige color, it still has the same effect the black-and-gold duo has. The focus of the email is the free shipping announcement at the top, but the rest is dedicated to showcasing different items to choose from making them very appealing to the audience.

#7 Promo-of-the-Day Template (Food & Beverages)

This Promo-of-the-Day template is great for sending promotional materials to those who have subscribed to your newsletter specifically for such content. As Ava McCormack from the writing service reviews site Pick The Writer says, “You need to segment your audience and keep track of who subscribes for what purpose. If they want to see more discounts and promotions, then send them that. If they only want occasional news, then send them that.”

#8 Workshops Template (Education)

This Workshops template might seem long, but it is not meant to be sent often which is why it can contain more information than your average email. For educational services, it is a perfect choice as it is divided into sections with all the information the audience will need: introduction, schedule, topics, customer feedback, and contact information.

#9 Cyber Monday Sale Template (Fashion)

Cyber Monday Sale Template
Great graphics for the fashion business
This Cyber Monday Sale template is a great choice for an online store selling clothes of any kind. It has a minimalist design with white and grey tones which lets you keep the attention of the reader on what’s important: the clothes. The colors are popping on every item you place in the email, but you are still able to keep most of the attention on the fact that there is a sale that is ending soon.

#10 Cyber Monday Sale Template (Pets)

This Cyber Monday Sale template is perfect for anyone operating in the pet industry. It has bold colors at the top to attract attention initially. But it proceeds with a more minimalist design placing products on a plain white background with just the product names and discounts by their side. Moreover, the header has quick links to the different product categories on the website making it easy to get right to the page the customer would be interested in.

#11 Independence Day Template

This Independence Day template is grey for now — it is only designed this way to give you more options for customization. Notice how it is divided into equal sections and has spaces for visuals. This makes your email more structured and organized while also giving you a lot of space for all kinds of content. In other words, it doesn’t limit you, but it also doesn’t make your email appear chaotic because of too much content.

#12 Valentine’s Day Template (Food & Beverages)

Valentine's Day Template
This Valentine’s Day template is designed in the best traditions of the beloved holiday
With an unaggressive tone of red as its primary color, it also makes use of white and pink to bring some contrast and variety to the email without straying too far away from the atmosphere. The products section only has two spaces which allows you to showcase your most appealing items without overloading your readers with information about all the other options you have.

#13 St. Patrick’s Day Template (Food & Beverages)

St. Patrick's Day Template
This St. Patrick’s Day template is also designed in a classic way for this holiday.
Unlike Valentine’s template, this one focuses more on the products the readers can choose from which is a great idea for attracting different segments of your audience. In addition to that, the contact information and opening hours are placed at the end of the email as if inviting the potential customers to check out the place and purchase a drink.

#14 Simple Christmas Template (Real Estate)

Simple Christmas Template
Simple Christmas template for real estate
This template is straightforward and short making it perfect for the times when you want to get right to the point. As Bruce Green from the custom writing reviews site Writing Judge puts it, “Sometimes, the simpler you make your design and the less text you put on it, the better your email will deliver the message you want to convey to your audience.”

#15 Christmas Holiday Season Template (Gifts & Flowers)

Christmas Holiday Season Template
This Christmas Holiday Season template has the perfect combination of colors an email like that would need.
The primary color is white with dark green and red all around setting the mood for the email. The template is also quite organized with many spaces for visuals making it easier for the reader to skim the small pieces of text quickly and decide which link is the one they need to click to get to the page they need.

#16 New Year Template (Food & Beverages)

This New Year template doesn’t entirely rely on the classic Christmas colors but still has the right balance of light and dark. Instead of focusing entirely on the sale, it is visually divided into three sections: the congratulatory part with “Happy New Year”, the sale announcement and discount, and the contact information. This way, the audience immediately gets all the information they need to make an order.

#17 Dark Thanksgiving Template (Food & Beverages)

This Dark Thanksgiving template has a traditional feel to it and instantly gives your reader an association with delicious homemade meals. It simplifies all the steps the customer would need to go through to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and offers the audience a one-click procedure to add all they need to the shopping list. By simplifying the process for your audience, you are inviting them to make the least effort to get what they need.

#18 Light Thanksgiving Template (Food & Beverages)

This Light Thanksgiving template takes a more complicated route but nevertheless delivers exactly what the audience wants. This time, it’s not just about selling the products — it’s about explaining how to use them (aka giving the recipes to your audience). At the end of the email, you can place a special offer — in this case, it is a free cookbook with all the recipes the reader could be interested in.

#19 Dark Black Friday Template (Fashion)

This Dark Black Friday template is a great example of what a modern apparel store design should be. By using such elements in the design of your templates, you signal to your audience that you are a contemporary brand with clothes that befit professional and responsible people. And who wouldn’t want to appear that way at work?

#20 Light Black Friday Template (Makeup & Cosmetics)

This Light Black Friday template is the polar opposite of the previous template, yet it serves the same purpose. It has similar modern design elements, but it relies on colors more to make its products stand out. In this case, the white backdrop is essential for the items to be noticed, but so are the pastel and bright colors that create even more eye-catching parts in the email.


To sum up, email marketing campaigns can definitely be quite powerful and impactful if you know what you are doing. As someone who is just getting started with emails, using free templates can actually help you get a better grasp of what you are doing and decide what works best for your email design and content. Use the free email templates from this article to help you with your email marketing plan and start launching successful email campaigns.

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