What do Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos all have in common?

“They’re all billionaires!” might be your immediate response. And that’s true.

But they’re all vociferous readers too. In fact, they routinely recommend reading to their executives and managers.

The world of ecommerce is constantly changing. And blogs, newsletters and influencer opinions are all powerful tools. Following top resources in the ecommerce niche enables you to stay up to date with what’s going on in the industry, put you in contact with new ideas, and help you pinpoint mistakes in your own strategy.

Researching the industry to pinpoint worthwhile influencers and blogs to follow is laborious, so I thought this extensive list will help you create your own must-follow list. Every list will be different, depending on what you care about in the ecommerce most: whether it’s the business perspective, entrepreneurship, seo, ppc, social or content marketing.

So there you go – below you will find full lists:

  1. Top Ecommerce Influencers
  2. Biggest Ecommerce Blogs
  3. Best Ecommerce Newsletters

Check them out!

Just one last thing – as it got a lot of laughs from a’ lots of folk thanks to that brilliant hijack from Aaron – I think it’s worth noting that this list is not supposed to be a ranking (I’m sorry Aaron ;)).

Top Ecommerce Influencers

1. Brian Dean

Ecommerce influencer Brian DeanOver the past several years, Brian Dean has established himself as one of the leading search engine optimization experts. He writes extensively about SEO for Ecommerce and his in-depth, data-backed posts are required reading for anybody serious about boosting the rankings of their product pages. His social media accounts are an indispensable source of up-to-date SEO knowledge and news.

Follow Brian on Twitter and Facebook.

2. Neil Patel

Ecommerce influencer Neil Patel

Neil Patel likely needs no introductions. He runs several of the web’s most prominent digital marketing blogs and has a great wealth of experience when it comes to practical Ecommerce advice. His case studies should be of particular interest to store owners and managers who are eager to expand their reach and potentially test new marketplaces.

Follow Neil on Twitter and Facebook.

3. Richard Lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera has emerged as one of the most ground-breaking bloggers currently writing about Ecommerce. He advocates an innovative, testing-based approach and caters to Ecommerce retailers of all shapes and sizes – it doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re trying to grow from seven to eight figures. His site, A Better Lemonade Stand, is chock-full of resources and a must-follow for those in the online retail space.

Follow Richard on Twitter

As The Ecommerce #Influencer of The Day we endorse @RichardABLS. He has emerged as one of the most ground-breaking bloggers currently writing about ecommerce. Richard has his spot on The Ultimate List of 130 #Ecommerce Influencers. Click To Tweet

4. Jay Baer

Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a businessman, public speaker and marketing writer. He has a knack for applying “traditional” marketing techniques – like social media and content marketing – to the Ecommerce sphere and his posts, books and talks are filled with practical insights about conversion, optimization, building customer loyalty and more. As the founder of a number of seven-figure companies, his guidance is always rooted in practical experience.

Follow Jay on Twitter and Linkedin

5. Linda Bustos

Linda Bustos

Linda Bustos is an Ecommerce blogger specializing in optimization and conversion strategy. Along with her writing, she also heads up digital experience at Skava Commerce, an innovative Ecommerce platform. She has written for a number of blogs and often posts on the Skava company blog. It’s clear that her advice is based on a solid and nuanced understanding of the many problems facing modern Ecommerce retailers.

Follow Linda on Twitter and Linkedin

As #Ecommerce #Influencer of The Day, we endorse Linda Bustos @edgacentlinda. She is an ecommerce blogger specializing in optimization and conversion strategy. Linda has her spot on The Ultimate List of 130 Ecommerce Influencers. Click To Tweet

6. Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton is editor-in-chief at SaleCycle, an Ecommerce-focused behavioral tracking company that provides retailers with tools to improve all parts of their sales funnel through behavior analytics. He covers a wide range of Ecommerce topics and is a must-follow influencer for those eager to stay up-to-date with innovations in Ecommerce data analytics and behavioral marketing.

Follow Graham on Twitter and Linkedin

7. Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is a huge name in the online marketing space, with a key emphasis on paid advertising channels. We’ve referenced studies published on Wordstream on the Growcode blog. He writes for a range of publications and is ranked as the eighth most popular writer on Medium, which is no small feat. Anybody that wants to keep their finger on the cutting-edge pulse of online marketing should follow him. Currently he’s growing MobileMonkey – The World’s Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform.

Follow Larry on Twitter and Linkedin

8. Tim Peter

Tim Peter

Part of Tim Peter’s appeal is his extensive hands-on experience in the Ecommerce sphere. Having worked for a number of top Ecommerce brands, including a Fortune 100 company, his thoughts and advice are always based on an in-the-trenches understanding of what’s working in the space. He heads up Tim Peter & Associates, one of the premier Ecommerce consulting companies.

Follow Tims’ Blog, Twitter and Linkedin

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    9. Armando Roggio (Ecommerce Boy)

    Armando Roggio

    Armando Roggio is the “Director of Marketing and Ecommerce” at D&B Supply. He’s also an accomplished writer, contributing regularly to Practical Ecommerce. He combines a practical, strategy-level approach with a deep technical understanding of Ecommerce software (he has a technical background). His posts are always engaging and informative, whether he’s talking about how to automate keyword research or elucidating the pros and cons of text messaging for online retailers.

    Follow Armando on Twitter and Linkedin

    10. Tracey Wallace

    Tracey Wallace

    As the editor-in-chief at BigCommerce, and as the co-owner of a pillow manufacturing company, Tracey is able to bring a level of experiential understanding to her content that few other writers can match. What’s more, her writing is marked by engaging storytelling, the inclusion of case studies and a keen eye for data-based evidence. If you want in-depth, illuminating content about what’s going on in the Ecommerce world, from somebody at the heart of one of the space’s biggest players, then stay tuned it.

    Follow Tracey on Twitter and Linkedin

    11. Kunle Campbell

    Kunle Campbell

    Kunle Campbell is an Ecommerce consultant with a penchant for doubling, tripling and quadrupling the income of his seven-figure clients. He also hosts the “2 eCommerce” podcast, one of the most respected podcasts in the industry, and is a non-executive director for fashion retailer Bianca Elgar. He has a strong focus on paid advertising channels.

    Follow Kunle on Twitter and Linkedin

    12. Emily Weiss

    Emily Weiss

    As the founder and CEO of Glossier, an online skincare and beauty product store, Emily Weiss has established herself as a key player in the Ecommerce space. Her company has netted upwards of $30 million in investment since its founding. She also runs the beauty blog Into the Gloss, where she regularly posts.

    Follow Emily on Twitter and Linkedin

    13. Pat Flynn

    Pat Flynn

    Pat Flynn is arguably one of the best-known and most widely respected marketing gurus on the planet. He is a blogger, podcaster and serial entrepreneur, with a large number of projects under his belt. While he does regularly cover Ecommerce directly, his advice on a range of digital marketing topics is applicable to anybody in the space.

    Follow Pat on Twitter and Linkedin

    14. Amy Porterfield

    Amy Porterfield

    Amy Porterfield is widely-known as the go-to person for learning how to create and sell online courses. If you’re selling digital products of any kind, her advice will be of immense value. But even Ecommerce retailers of other stripes will find practical insights in her teachings about building email lists, engaging customers and fostering loyalty.

    Follow Amy on Twitter and Linkedin

    15. Zia Daniell Wigder

    Zia Daniell Wigder

    As the co-founder of Groceryshop and the Chief Content Officer at ShopTalk, Zia Daniell Widger is perfectly positioned to provide industry-wide and data-driven insights about the evolution of Ecommerce. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she has a background in data research, having worked for Forrester for several years. Follow her on Twitter to stay up-to-date with her activities and content.

    Follow Zia on Twitter and Linkedin

    16. Andrew Youderian

    Andrew Youderian

    Andrew is the founder of eCommercefuel, a private community for six and seven-figure ecommerce entrepreneurs. He also regularly blogs, covering ecommerce tips and news, and runs a podcast. As the leading member of eCommerceFuel’s highly selective community, he is able to provide a unique depth and breadth of knowledge to his content, shaped by an understanding some of the industry’s leading brands.

    Follow Andrew on Twitter and Linkedin

    17. Bruno Leveque

    Bruno Leveque

    Bruno Leveque is the co-founder of PrestaShop, a popular open-source ecommerce platform that’s used by over 250,000 stores. It’s also the number one open-source platform in the world. He has a passion for technology as well as ecommerce and as somebody who understands both topics from an experiential perspective, provides a unique and much-needed voice in the ecommerce space.

    Follow Bruno on Twitter

    18. Rand Fishkin

    Rand Fishkin

    Rand is arguably the most-followed and most important influencer in the search engine optimization space (after good ol’ Google itself). His company, Moz, is a leading provider of SEO advice. Both he and his team regularly publish up-to-date, practical information about ecommerce SEO. If you’re eager to stay up-to-date with the fast-changing world of Google algorithms, then make sure you follow him.

    Follow Rand on Twitter and Linkedin

    19. Hannah Stacey

    Hannah Stacey

    Hannah Stacey is head of demand generation and content marketing at Ometria, a leading ecommerce solution providing multi-channel marketing management and analytics insights for online retailers. As a key driver of the growth of one of the web’s most cutting-edge companies, Hannah is a must-follow influencer for anyone eager to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in ecommerce marketing.

    Follow Hannah on Twitter and Linkedin

    20. Marsha Collier

    Marsha Collier

    Marsha is best known as an author, with over forty books in the “For Dummies” range, a number of them focused on ecommerce. She has a sizeable following and is highly-regarded for the education, recommendations and inspiration she provides. She hosts a regular video show and also runs a very popular podcast.

    Follow Marsha on Twitter and Linkedin

    21. Dave Chaffey

    Dave Chaffey

    As the co-founder of Smart Insights, Dave Chaffey is responsible for creating one of the most referenced sources of ecommerce data on the web. As an influencer, he writes, talks and publishes (he has several books) across a number of mediums and is an excellent source of information on all elements of digital marketing, particularly for those with a preference for data-backed tips and tactics.

    Follow Dave on Twitter and Linkedin

    22. Jason Del Rey

    Jason Del Rey

    Jason Del Rey is the senior editor of the commerce section of Recode, one of the leading online sources of tech and digital news. He has an enviable pedigree and has worked for a number of Ecommerce-inclusive online publications like AllThingsD and Inc. He’s an excellent influencer to follow if you want to keep up to date with the very latest goings-on in the Ecommerce sphere.

    Follow Jason on Twitter and Linkedin

    23. Peep Laja

    Peep Laja

    Peep Laja is the conversion guy. He’s the founder of ConversionXL, possibly the most popular site on the web covering conversion-related topics, with a strong emphasis on all things ecommerce related. He’s well-known for his straightforward, no-nonsense approach and communicates through a variety of media, including video and the written word.

    Follow Peep on Twitter and Linkedin

    24. Hiten Shah

    Hiten Shah

    Hiten Shah is a huge name in the SaaS space and has co-founded, invested in and worked for an array of hugely popular brands, like KISSMetrics, Crazy Egg and Quick Sprout (More about these tools and other in article Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tools). He has a particular penchant for advising startups and is an excellent source of information for those seeking to stay up-to-date with the latest SaaS goings-on.

    Follow Hiten on Twitter and Linkedin

    25. Ben Marks

    Ben Marks

    Ben Marks is a “Magento Evangelist” and his blog, along with his social channels, are packed with useful insights, updates and hacks for users of the Magento platform. If your store runs on Magento, he’s an excellent influencer to follow for tips on getting the maximum out of the platform. He’s also a public speaker.

    Follow Ben on Twitter

    26. Steve Hutt

    Steve Hutt

    Steve Hutt is a writer, teacher and Ecommerce entrepreneur. As the founder of eCommerceFastlane, he’s responsible for one of the best Shopify-focused resources on the web, catering to entrepreneurs of all skill levels. He regularly posts on his blog and also runs a regular podcast. If you use Shopify he’s a must-follow influencer.

    Follow Steve on Twitter

    27. Alaa Hassan

    Alaa Hassan

    Alaa Hassan is both an Ecommerce entrepreneur and a teacher. He’s the founder of Linen Chest, a successful online homeware store. He runs “eCommerce Training Academy”, which connects both new and established entrepreneurs with an array of Ecommerce experts. He also regularly publishes on his personal blog and is a public speaker. He runs a variety of projects aimed at helping educate entrepreneurs, including a book club and a talk show. Well worth following!

    Follow Alaa on Twitter

    28. Roy Rubin

    Roy Rubin

    Roy Rubin is the co-founder (and former CEO) of Magento, one of the world’s most popular Ecommerce platforms. He’s invested in a number of startups, including Loop Commerce, and is an influencer right at the core of the Ecommerce space, bringing a wealth of experience drawn from running a range of large companies at the very highest level.

    Follow Roy on Twitter

    29. Felix Thea

    Felix Thea

    Feliz Thea’s claim to fame is his hosting of the highly acclaimed ecommerce podcast, Shopify Masters. As a software engineer, he’s a great source of information for technically-minded entrepreneurs, and also runs a popular blog, “Traffic and Sales“, which covers many aspects of traffic-generation and conversion optimization, often focusing on Ecommerce.

    Follow Feliz on Twitter and Linkedin

    30. Ezra Firestone

    Ezra Firestone

    Ezra Firestone runs Smart Marketer, a blog that covers all aspects of online marketing, with a strong emphasis on ecommerce. With a history in ecommerce (he built and sold “My Costume Wigs”), he maintains a strong interest in and passion for it. He also runs the Blue Ribbon Mastermind, a group aimed exclusively at Ecommerce entrepreneurs.

    Follow Ezra on Twitter and Linkedin

    31. Bryan Kramer

    Bryan Kramer

    Bryan Kramer is a widely-respected writer and speaker, covering topics at the cutting-edge of online marketing, particularly as they relate to social media. His consultancy company, PureMatter, is one of the fastest-growing in silicon valley, and he has advised a number of Fortune 500 companies. If you’re an ecommerce retailer eager to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in social media strategy, he’s definitely one to follow. You can always start with his latest book, Shareology.

    Follow Bryan on Twitter and Linkedin

    32. Hazel Bolton

    Hazel Bolton

    Hazel Bolton specializes in content marketing, user experience and optimization. She heads up content strategy at User Conversion, an excellent source of ideas for anybody in the online space, especially online retailers.

    Follow Hazel on Twitter and Linkedin

    33. Hendrik Laubscher

    Hendrik Laubscher

    Hendrik Laubscher is a big name in the ecommerce space, well-known for advocating an approach that combines new, innovative marketing strategies with a strong focus on global data. He runs Buy Box Experts for Amazon sellers and is also the founder of Blue Cape Ventures, a research company catering to online retailers. Oh, and he also writes for Forbes.

    Follow Hendrik on Twitter and Linkedin

    34. Micah Solomon

    Micah Solomon

    Micah Solomon, a customer service expert, is recommended reading for all online retailers that want to boost the effectiveness of their customer service processes. He’s a speaker, writer, author and contributor to a number of well-known publications, including Forbes. As the founder of Oasis Disk Packaging, his work is filled with insights drawn from a background in ecommerce.

    Follow Micah on Twitter and Linkedin

    35. Paul Rogers

    Paul Rogers

    Paul Rogers runs Vervaunt, a London-based ecommerce consultancy business which also specializes in paid advertising media. The Vervaunt blog is well worth subscribing to and he also writes on his personal blog. He often provides a unique angle on current ecommerce topics and issues, likely drawn from his work with his own clients.

    Follow Paul on Twitter

    36. Jeffrey Eisenberg

    Jeffrey Eisenberg

    Along with an assortment of best-selling books, including Waiting for Your Cat to Bar, Jeffrey Eisenberg is also responsible Buyer Legends, a company that helps business people utilize a range of online marketing strategies to build a strong central narrative. He has a particular liking for Amazon and his unique approach will be of particular value to any Ecommerce entrepreneur.

    Follow Jeffrey on Twitter and Linkedin

    37. Paul Boag

    Paul Boag

    As a self-described “digital mentor”, Paul Boag helps companies of all shapes and sizes adapt to the digital age. He has authored a number of books, speaks regularly and runs training workshops. He’s a director at Smashing Mag, which caters to web developers and designers, and also heads up his own consultancy business.

    Follow Pauls’ Blog, Twitter and Linkedin

    38. Chris Goward

    Chris Goward

    Chris Goward wrote You Should Test That, one of the all-time best-selling books on conversion optimization. The book includes an array of case studies showing how ecommerce businesses drive superlative results. He is one of the world’s leading testing experts and, through his conversion optimization business WiderFunnel, has worked with some of the world’s leading brands. The blog is one of the leading sources of insights on the topic.

    Follow Chris on Twitter and Linkedin

    39. Rich Page

    Rich Page

    Rich Page provides conversion rate optimization (CRO) advice for ecommerce businesses. He’s the author of Website Optimization: An Hour a Day and also publishes regularly on his blog Rich Page: Website Optimizer. His approach is accessible, simple and original. He’s an excellent source of information for online retailers of all shapes and sizes.

    Follow Rich’s Blog, Twitter and Linkedin

    40. Drew Sanocki

    Drew Sanocki

    Drew Sanocki’s ecommerce portfolio spans an array of investments along with experience founding and running a number of stores. He brought one online retailer, Karmaloop, back from the verge of bankruptcy (to break-even) in only 9 months. He regularly writes, particularly on the blog Nerd Marketing, where he covers his Ecommerce techniques.

    Follow Drew on Twitter and Linkedin

    41. Tim Ash

    Tim Ash

    Tim Ash’s focus is on conversion optimization. He’s the author of Landing Page Optimization, an exhaustive, widely-respected book on the topic of landing page conversions. He’s also a public speaker – and has appeared at dozens of high-profile events as the keynote. His main site is SiteTuners.com and he’s one of the top thought-leaders in his field.

    Follow Tim on Twitter and Linkedin

    42. Oli Gardner

    Oli Gardner

    Oli Gardner is the co-founder of Unbounce, one of the world’s premier landing page software companies. He’s also a conversion optimization and marketing expert – he says he considered changing his name to “Landing Page” – and keynote speaker. For ecommerce retailers looking to improve the effectiveness of their product and landing pages, there are few influencers who can match Oli’s level of passion and expertise.

    Follow Oli on Twitter and Linkedin

    43. Alex Harris

    Alex Harris

    Alex Harris is one of the world’s leading conversion experts and speakers. He has helped build and optimize hundreds of ecommerce stores. He’s also published an Amazon bestselling book and topped numerous lists as a top conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialist. He regularly writes on his blog and also hosts a podcast.

    Follow Alex on Twitter and Linkedin

    44. Bryan Eisenberg

    Bryan Eisenberg

    Bryan Eisenberg is Jeffrey Eisenberg’s brother. He co-founded Buyer Legends with him and they’ve also jointly authored a number of books, many aimed squarely at online retailers. He’s worked with many ecommerce stores and his book Be Like Amazon is required reading for everybody in the online space. His approach is fundamentally about helping business craft compelling, interesting stories and engaging customers through them.

    Follow Bryan on Twitter and Linkedin

    45. Talia Wolf

    Talia Wolf

    Sticking with the CRO (conversion rate optimization) theme, Talia Wolf is another expert that should be at the top of your influencer list. She runs GetUpLift, a conversion optimization consulting and education company. She’s also a speaker and writer and you can access her training materials from a variety of sources, including her blog.

    Follow Talia on Twitter and Linkedin

    46. Angie Schottmuller

    Angie Schottmuller

    Angie Schottmuller is a growth strategist. She has worked with some of the top ecommerce brands (including Home Depot) to boost their ROI. Her approach is noteworthy because she works with existing traffic, utilizing a mix of data, psychology, and techniques at the cutting edge of marketing to increase the value of a site’s current visitors.

    Follow Angie on Twitter and Linkedin

    47. Kevan Lee

    Kevan Lee

    Kevan Lee is the director of marketing at Buffer, one of the leading social media management platforms. He often writes for top publications and, as somebody working for one of the web’s best-known and most successful brands, he is a source of valuable insights for anybody that leverages social media to drive ecommerce sales.

    Follow Kevan on Twitter and Linkedin

    48. Aaron Orendorff

    Aaron OrendorffAaron Orendorff is the editor-in-chief of Shopify Plus and also heads up iconiContent, a content marketing company that (in his words) is “saving the world from bad content”. He’s a recognized authority in the ecommerce space and regularly writes for both platforms. His unique, original voice is a breath of fresh air in a space that’s dominated by rehashed and uninspiring content.
    Follow Aaron on Twitter and Linkedin

    49. Jeff Bezos

    Jeff BezosWe won’t elaborate on this one. Just follow the guy.
    Follow Jeff on Twitter and Linkedin


    50. Jason Glodberg

    Jason GoldbergJason Goldberg has an enviable array of ecommerce accolades. He’s the founder of Retail Geek, a uniquely original blog in a very crowded space, runs the top-rated podcast, The Jason & Scot Show, is a contributor to Forbes and CNN, and (as if that wasn’t enough) also heads up his own digital retail consulting agency. As an influencer, he stands at the cutting edge of the eCommerce innovation sphere and is an outstanding source of insight for anybody with the sense to listen to him.

    Follow Jason on Twitter and Linkedin

    51. Pawel Ogonowski (The Ecommerce Optimization Guy)

    Pawel Ogonowski (The Ecommerce Optimization Guy)

    Ok, time for a shameless plug. Pawel Ogonowski (that’s me) co-founded Growcode – the 1st all-in-one solution for IT-free ecommerce optimization. We have created Growcode to let 7 & 8-figure online retailers finally reap the benefits of conversion rate optimization. I’m known as the “Ecommerce Optimization Guy” and I like to challenge optimization norms whenever I can. I’ve got over ten years in the conversion rate optimization space and write regularly on the Growcode blog.

    Follow me on Twitter and Linkedin plus subscribe to my YouTube channel

    Biggest Ecommerce Blogs

    52. Backlinko

    Blacklinko blog

    Brian Dean’s blog is absolutely packed with cutting-edge SEO tips, and he often focuses on eCommerce. His in-depth, comprehensive content is required reading for anybody in the digital marketing space. What’s great about his posts is that he usually only publishes once every couple of months, so he’s a great source of info if you’re stretched for time.

    53. NeilPatel.com

    Neil Patel blog

    Neil Patel’s blog is a treasure trove of marketing advice, covering pretty much any area you can think of. Like Backlinko, the posts are always extensive, in-depth, and (above all) practical. Following his site is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the digital marketing space as a whole.

    54. Quick Sprout

    Quick SproutQuick Sprout is another blog founded by Neil Patel, where the focus is specifically on traffic – both paid and organic. It’s an invaluable source of info for any individual or company selling products online.

    55. A Better Lemonade Stand

    A Better Lemonade Stand

    A Better Lemonade Stand is one of most widely-read Ecommerce blogs on the web. The founder, Richard Lazazzera, has helped thousands of beginning online retailers get started on their journeys and he covers a range of topics, often going into specific detail, on the blog. There’s also a supportive community that you can join too.

    56. Convince and Convert

    Convince and Convert

    Jay Baer’s blog has been listed as the #1 content marketing blog in the world by The Content Marketing Institute. He covers a range of topics, many of which are directly applicable to those in the Ecommerce space, and always provides a unique angle, rooted in his own experience and expertise.

    57. SaleCycle

    SaleCycleSaleCycle is a behavior analytics platform for Ecommerce stores. The blog is one of the industry’s best sources for data-backed insights across a range of highly specific topics relevant to online retailers. There are posts, for example, geared at specific industries alongside broader statistics roundups.

    As The #Ecommerce #Blog of The Day, we endorse @SaleCycle. It's one of the industry's best sources for data-backed insights. @SaleCycle has its spot on The Ultimate List of 130 #Ecommerce Blogs. Click To Tweet

    58. BigCommerce


    The BigCommerce blog is a vital source of information for those that use the BigCommerce platform, covering updates, best practices, and industry trends and news. But it’s also a valuable resource for retailers that use other platforms. The posts are always packed with information, data insights, and unique perspectives. It’s easily one of the best all-round Ecommerce blogs on the web.

    As The #Ecommerce Blog of The Day, we endorse @BigCommerce. It?s easily one of the best all-round ecommerce blogs on the web! They have its spot on Ultimate List of 130 Ecommerce Blogs. Click To Tweet

    59. 2X eCommerce

    2xecommerceThe 2X eCommerce blog has a wonderfully simple premise at its core: to help you double your store’s revenue. Kunle Campbell is a respected Ecommerce expert and well worth following.

    60. Smart Passive Income

    Smart Passive IncomeSmart Passive Income is one of the most widely-read online marketing blogs in the world. Pat Flynn covers a range of topics and always uses his own case-studies to back up his points. He regularly published an income report for a long time, for example. He also often covers Ecommerce topics.

    61. MOZ

    MOZ blogMOZ is arguably the leading blog for search engine optimization on the web. Retailers have to be particularly attuned to what’s effective with search engines and there’s no better resource to follow. What’s more, you can consume as much or as little content as you wish. If, for example, you want to dig into the specifics of social media ranking factors, you can. Alternatively, if all you want is a simple monthly SEO update, that’s on offer too.

    62. Smart Insights

    Smart InsightsSmart Insights was set up with the specific aim of providing the online business community with a source of benchmarks and data roundups across a range of digital marketing topics. Since its founding, it has grown to focus heavily on Ecommerce and Ecommerce-related topics and is an invaluable source of data for online retailers. We often cite Smart Insights studies in our own articles here at Growcode.

    63. ConversionXL

    ConversionXLConversionXL is one of the best-known blogs about conversion optimization, and content regularly centers on Ecommerce. The posts are always current, utilizing the latest data and research, and the site is chock-full of resources, from webinars to online courses to original research and more.

    64. Buyer Legends

    Buyer LegendsBuyer Legends is the result of a collaboration between Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, both Ecommerce experts in their own right. They author all of the posts themselves and the blog is one of the best sources of Ecommerce insights on the web. Of particular interest are their analyses of Amazon and how retailers can replicate Amazon’s success.

    65. WiderFunnel

    WiderFunnelThe WiderFunnel blog is one of the main outlets for the experiments conducted by the WiderFunnel team. The posts are filled with data-backed case-studies and tests and any Ecommerce retailer will find the content to be of tremendous value. There are also interviews, topical articles and industry updates.

    66. SiteTuners

    SiteTunersSiteTuners is an Ecommerce-focused digital growth consultancy headed up by Tim Ash. His penchant for landing page optimization runs through all of his posts and his blog is an excellent source for online retailers that are interested in conversion rate optimization tips (CRO).

    67. Unbounce


    Keeping with the conversion optimization theme, Unbounce is another blog that should be near the top of your reading list. It’s particularly good to follow for CRO industry news, updates and interviews.

    68. Digital Commerce 360

    Digital Commerce As far as news, stats and updates about the Ecommerce industry are concerned, few publications can match the depth and breadth of Digital Commerce 360. If there’s any topic worth covering in the Ecommerce space, there’ll be an article about it. They’re also a valuable source of data, case studies and influencer opinions.

    69. Practical Ecommerce

    Practical EcommercePractical Ecommerce is another premier news and analysis publication in the Ecommerce space. They conduct their own independent research and analysis, along with providing practical, more general advice for retailers.

    70. Get Elastic

    Get ElasticGet Elastic has been ranked as the world’s #1 Ecommerce blog. The blog is part of a group of offerings from the same company that include Elastic Path, an API-driven Ecommerce platform. You’ll find analysis, research, and practical tips specifically for online retailers, especially enterprise companies.

    71. Ecommerce Times

    Ecommerce TimesEcommerce Times is a publication from the ECT News Network. The quality of content is always very high and the site has a reputation for tackling specific topics – whether it’s applications of Salesforce or news about a big takeover – with high journalistic standards. Their content is applicable to Ecommerce retailers of all shapes and sizes and well worth adding to your feed!

    72. Shopify Blog

    Shopify blogAs the innovators behind one of the most popular Ecommerce platforms for small and medium-sized retailers, the guys responsible for the Shopify blog provide on-topic, insightful content that’s particularly applicable to new entrepreneurs and (unsurprisingly) users of Shopify.

    73. ChannelAdvisor

    Channel AdvisorChannelAdvisor is a platform that helps Ecommerce retailers acquire more customers (and drive more sales) by taking advantage of a multi-channel approach. The blog mirrors this focus and is packed with insights and advice about boosting business by leveraging new digital marketing opportunities and fulfillment solutions.

    74. Blue Stout

    Blue StoutBlue Stout helps Ecommerce brands drive more revenue. The blog, which always focuses on how retailers can leverage ideas and strategies to garner more sales, provides highly specific advice about issues facing those in the Ecommerce space whether it’s faulty order confirmation emails or Magento migrations.

    75. My Wife Quit Her Job (Steve Chou)

    My Wife Quit Her Job blogMy Wife Quit Her Job is one of the most original blogs on this list. Steve and his wife Jennifer write articles aimed at beginning Ecommerce entrepreneurs. If you’re just starting out, there are few resources as useful and practical as this one. Everything that new retailers need to know is covered.

    76. eMarketer

    eMarketereMarketer is one of the oldest and most-read Ecommerce-focused publications on the web. The site regularly publishes its own independent research, case-studies, forecasts, reports, and analyses, along with a host of practical articles. The newsletter is also one of the most subscribed-to in the space and well worth joining. There’s also a premium service, providing access to reports and data.

    77. Retail Dive

    Retail DiveRetail Dive focuses on news and current stories in the Ecommerce space. It’s a fantastic source for those eager to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Coverage is also complimented with analysis, research and, notably, up-to-date information about industry events, job openings and more.

    78. SaleHOO

    SaleHOOSaleHOO is an online directory of wholesalers and dropshippers, connecting retailers to suppliers. The company resources section is fantastic because it has a heavy focus on topics related to supply, often focusing on specific products. If you’re a dropshipper, it’s a must-follow.

    79. Ecommerce Genome by Compass

    Ecommerce Genome by CompassCompass provides analytics solutions for online retailers and, as such, they have access to large quantities of data. Their blog – eCommerce Genome – often publishes data summaries and reports. We referenced one of their studies in our ecommerce conversion rate roundup.

    80. Bold Commerce

    Bold CommerceThe Bold Commerce blog is an excellent publication for Shopify users. Bold Commerce is Shopify’s leading app partner and the blog’s concise, information-rich posts will prove useful for any retailer, Shopify or otherwise.

    81. Magento Blog

    Magento BlogIf you use Magento, you need to follow the Magento blog. It’s one of the best sources of insights and information for Magento users and a huge spectrum of content is included – from customer case-studies and stats to technical information. Subscribing to the blog is also a great way to keep up-to-date with Magento updates and goings-on in the community.

    82. Bootstrapping Ecommerce

    Bootstrapping EcommerceAs you can likely tell from the title, Bootstrapping Ecommerce is all about growing an Ecommerce store on a budget. If you’re building your own online store, or if you’re starting out, it’s an invaluable resource. Even if you’re an established online retailer with a sizeable budget, it’s a very original blog and you’ll find many of the tips and strategies useful.

    83. Ecommerce Nation

    Ecommerce NationEcommerce nation is made up of two parts – on the one hand, it’s a blog and information resource for online retailers, on the other, it’s a global community made up of people from all over the world. The blog regularly publishes interesting, unique content and it’s well worth following.

    84. Volusion

    Volusion blogVolusion is an eCommerce platform and shopping cart solution. Their blog is interesting because the posts are largely written by members of the Volusion team, all of whom bring a high level of hands-on experience.

    85. WooCommerce Blog

    WooCommerce BlogWooCommerce provides one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms. The company blog has a reputation for publishing in-depth posts across a variety of WooCommerce-related topics. There are two blogs, one which offers practical advice for users of the platform and another on which technical updates are published. Both are required reading for WooCommerce users!

    86. Ecommerce Platforms

    Ecommerce PlatformsEcommerce Platforms fills an important space in the online retail “blogosphere”. The main role of the site is to compare different Ecommerce solutions, including platforms, payment processors, plugins and more. The posts give retailers the information they need to pick the best tools for their site and transition from those that are performing poorly.

    87. Groove Commerce

    Groove CommerceGroove Commerce is an agency that provides services across the whole gamut of eCommerce operations, from platform selection to marketing. Their blog is a fantastic source of information, driven by their close connection with a range of clients.

    88. inFlow

    inFlow bloginFlow provides inventory management software that’s geared towards small businesses. The blog covers a range of subjects related to inventory management, along with interesting posts on broader topics.

    89. Optimizely

    Optimizely blogOptimizely is the leading platform for testing and optimizing pages and products. At Growcode, we’re constantly emphasizing the importance of long-term, consistent testing for Ecommerce. As you can probably imagine, the blog is filled with insights and actionable advice about optimization, with deep-dives into nuanced and multi-faced topics. The Optimizely blog is also a great source of news about innovations relevant to optimization.

    90. 3dcart

    3dcart blog3dcart brands itself as the best eCommerce platform for SEO. The blog covers a range of topics, particularly those at the confluence of Ecommerce and search engine optimization.


    91. Sleeknote

    Sleeknote blogSleeknote provides online retailers with the tools they need to connect with visitors using on-site messages, especially when it comes to collecting email addresses. The blog is packed with insights on the topic of optimizing for list building and connecting with customers, with a variety of case studies and data-driven posts.

    92. StoreYa

     StoreYa blogStoreYa offers a range of tools and services that help online retailers drive more traffic and sales. The blog is an excellent source of information about Ecommerce marketing and their insightful, expert posts cover a range of topics, tools, and tactics.

    93. AcquireConvert (Giles Thomas)

    AcquireConvertAs far as blogs aimed at new Ecommerce retailers go, few can match the depth and expertise of AcquireConvert. Giles Thomas, the founder, is responsible for regularly publishing exhaustive, in-depth guides, and training materials for educating new entrepreneurs.

    94. Conversion Sciences

    Conversion SciencesThe Conversion Sciences blog is hands-down one of the best blogs about conversion optimization that people in the Ecommerce space can read. The posts, along with all the complementary training materials, are original, practical, and always backed up with data and case studies. The focus is usually on the application of conversion optimization to Ecommerce.

    95. Demac Media

    Demac MediaDemac Media offers services to mid-size retailers, and the blog is a vital source of updates, information and (perhaps most importantly) original data and case studies that are applicable to larger retailers. The posts are always packed with to-the-point and nuanced advice. The guys at Demac Media have a deep understanding of the problems faced by medium and large-sized online retailers and it really shines through in the quality of their content.

    96. MarketingExperiments

    MarketingExperimentsAs is likely clear from the name, the MarketingExperiments blog focuses on research and data in the digital marketing world, particularly optimization. The site is based on curation, drawing together research from a variety of sources and making it accessible to business people. It’s difficult to overstate the extent and quality of information available, and it’s a crucial resource for retailers that want to stay up-to-date with the latest data insights.

    97. VWO

    Visual Website OptimizerVWO is one of the leading optimization platforms and the blog provides up-to-date advice about all aspects of researching, designing and running a successful optimization campaign. It’s a fantastic blog for anybody interested in optimization, irrespective of skill level.

    98. Invesp

    InvespThe Invesp blog provides a unique angle in the conversion optimization space. There are fourteen writers on the Invesp blogging team and the posts combine an array of voices, perspectives, and types of expertise.

    99. Conversioner

    ConversionerThe great thing about the Conversioner blog is the way it shines a light on the emotional aspect of conversion optimization. Many elements of conversion – from social media to Ecommerce product pages – are covered. You’ll appreciate the unique perspectives if you’re responsible for the conversion optimization strategy of your Ecommerce store.

    100. OptinMonster Blog

    OptinMonster BlogIf you’re in the online marketing space, you’ll have heard of OptinMonster. They specialize in lead generation software, and the blog and newsletter is an indispensable tool for marketers who want to better convert their visitors to leads – all of us, right? The blog is very wide in scope and a useful source of information for marketers who want to diversify their conversion strategy.

    101. Conversion Rate Experts

    Conversion Rate ExpertsConversion Rate Experts prides itself on the content it provides, (rightly) decrying most articles as written by people with “little real-world experience”. The “Learning Zone” is stocked full of training materials, from articles and reports to a regular podcast.

    102. Baymard Institute

    Baymard InstituteThe Baymard Institute is an absolute must-follow blog and newsletter for online retailers. They provide in-depth, independent research on eCommerce user experience. They regularly publish articles, benchmark studies, and optimized page designs. There is also a premium option.

    103. Convert

    ConvertConvert provides a tool for conversion optimization that has consistently ranked as one of the fastest. It’s also one of the few tools on the market that doesn’t store any personal data. They publish in-depth how-to articles and also provide subscribers with a monthly digest. Perfect for time-stretched retailers that want to stay up-to-date with the best CRO strategies.

    104. 2Checkout

    2Checkout2Checkout is a popular online payment processing service. They cover a range of Ecommerce topics on their blog and their expertise, drawn from working with thousands of retailers, really shines through. The blog is also an excellent source of information about industry events.

    105. OmniConvert

    OmniConvertOmniConvert provides an all-in-one optimization tool that includes features for A/B testing, segmentation, personalization and more. It’s used by a host of Ecommerce stores and the OmniConvert blog is focused exclusively on Ecommerce optimization. The advice is top-notch and leverages the experience that the team has gained from its many Ecommerce clients.

    106. Shoplo

    ShoploShoplo is an Ecommerce platform that enables multi-channel selling. Their excellent blog reflects this focus, and there is a wealth of advice about using multiple channels and third-party sites to grow sales and revenue. There are also lots of interesting secondary posts, like interviews with successful online retailers.

    107. Ecwid

    EcwidEcwid is a major player in the Ecommerce platform space. One of the main selling points of the platform is the ease with which it can be added to existing sites, particularly those built using WordPress or a site builder like Weebly. The blog is ideal for those online retailers just starting out that want to leverage a multi-channel approach. It’s filled with beginner-friendly content and the expertise really shines through.

    108. xSellco

    xSellcoXsellco provides customer service software specifically for Ecommerce retailers. As you can imagine, there’s a strong customer service focus on the company resources section (along with more general Ecommerce articles) and it’s well worth following for the practical advice geared around this important topic.

    109. Ecomdash

    EcomdashEcomdash offers a premier multi-channel inventory management solution. The blog reflects this focus and covers a range of topics related to multi-channel retail, new products, and emerging ecommerce trends. They also publish a monthly news “digest”.

    110. EKM (Ecommerce Websites UK)

    EKM (Ecommerce Websites UK)Ecommerce Websites UK is an interesting company. It’s located in the UK and provides UK-based support, along with a dedicated account manager, to Ecommerce entrepreneurs just starting out. The blog is an excellent source of beginner-friendly information, especially for people suffering from information overwhelm.

    111. MIVA

    MIVAAs a platform that provides a comprehensive solution for all eCommerce processes, combining hosting, optimization tools, and dedicated support, MICA is an innovative player in the space and their blog reflects its unique approach. Posts often give advice, for example, about how to optimize for holiday periods and case studies are often published too.

    112. Ecommerce Mag

    Ecommerce MagEcommerce Mag is an online resource for online retailers of all sizes, irrespective of industry. It leverages the expertise of over 50 leading experts and, as such, its articles cover a variety of topics, providing a diversity of viewpoints. The guys behind the project are doing something genuinely unique and it’s well worth following.

    113. Entrepreneur

    EntrepreneurEntrepreneur is one of the best-known business publications for online marketers. At Growcode, we’ve found it to be an excellent source of Ecommerce-related news and advice and highly recommend retailers subscribe to it.

    114. Business Insider

    Business InsiderLike Entrepreneur, Business Insider is a leading online publication aimed at business people. We recommend it to Ecommerce retailers particularly for the interviews of leading CEOs and experts that are often published.

    115. Oberlo

    OberloOberlo offers a streamlined dropshipping service to Ecommerce retailers. As far as dropshipping-focused blogs and newsletters go, there are few that are better for beginners. If you’re just starting out in this space, you’ll find the posts and resources on Oberlo immensely valuable.

    116. Seth Godin’s blog

    Seth Godin Like Jeff Bezos, this marketing genius needs no introduction. If you don’t already, follow him and his blog.


    117. Core dna

    Core dna provides a fully-inclusive platform that combines tools for eCommerce, content management, digital marketing and more. The blog is an excellent source of information for online retailers that require a broad overview and understanding of the many different facets of running a store. The team regularly publishes case-studies, in-depth articles, and software comparisons, covering an array of eCommerce, marketing and content-related topics.

    118. Prisync

    Prisync provides software to monitor and track competitor pricing. Articles on the specific topic of monitoring and pricing, along with more general eCommerce-focused posts, are regularly published on the company blog. They also publish useful information about technical aspects of running and building succesful ecommerce business. Definitely one to follow!

    119. Growcode

    Growcode blogOK, another shameless plug. On the Growcode blog, we’re in the process of building what we believe to be one of the most up-to-date and cutting-edge repositories of Ecommerce optimization knowledge anywhere on the web. We regularly publish practical, data-backed posts about optimizing everything from your product listings to your “About Us” page.

    120. Feedspot

    OK, we get it. There are a lot of entries on this list. So we thought we’d finished with a blog reader for aggregating your favorite blogs and influencer content. Feedspot is our tool of choice.

    121. Veeqo

    The Veeqo blog is aimed at entrepreneurs and retail business owners of all levels. Popular topics include omnichannel retailing, social commerce, sales, marketing, shipping and inventory management. The blog covers a range of tips, resources and strategies to build and improve your ecommerce business.

    Best Ecommerce Newsletters

    122. Backlinko

    Brian Dean won’t bombard you with emails when you subscribe. Just occasional, SEO-focused updates about new content on his blog and related offers.

    123. eMarketer

    eMarketer Daily and Retail are both daily briefings on all the news worth covering in the Ecommerce space. You can also subscribe to eMarketer Tech if you’re interested in the latest Ecommerce tech news.

    124. Ecommerce Magazine

    Subscribe to Ecommerce Magazine’s newsletter to get regular updates from the blog, which is powered by a group of over fifty Ecommerce entrepreneurs.

    125. Practical Ecommerce

    Practical Ecommerce is one of the most outspoken publications in the space. The newsletter is an excellent source of independent industry commentary, rounding up the best of what’s published on the blog. You’ll also get a free eBook.

    126. MOZ

    There are a few different newsletters that you can subscribe to on MOZ. We highly recommend the monthly SEO “top 10 roundup”, which curates the best SEO content from around the web published in the previous month.

    127. Seth Godin

    Seth Godin often emails exclusive offers and updates to his newsletter subscribers. It’is also a wonderful way to receive his short posts whenever they’re published.

    128. Convert

    Convert runs a monthly newsletter with an emphasis on data-backed practical tips. The newsletter also includes a curated list of some of the best conversion optimization content (from both the Conversion blog and others) published in the last month.

    129. Haimrich

    Hendrik Laubscher, who heads up the research company Blue Cape Ventures, writes a weekly newsletter that includes a rundown of all the Ecommerce news and innovations he’s found interesting. It’s an excellent source of news from an industry insider.

    130. Shopify

    The Shopify newsletter showcases a mix of practical advice, industry news and thought-leader interviews. It’s worth subscribing to irrespective of whether you use Shopify or not.

    131. Business Insider

    Business Insider has a number of newsletters you can subscribe to, from a daily round-up of the world’s business news to a fintech briefing to the latest Ecommerce happenings. For broad, business-related news, nobody can match BI when it comes to newsletters.

    132. Digital Commerce 360

    Digital 360 runs a range of newsletters – including the daily IRNewsLink – for online retailers. You won’t find a better collection of newsletters regularly covering Ecommerce-related news.

    1323. 2X eCommerce

    If you want to keep up-to-date with newly published resources on the 2X eCommerce blog (whether it’s webinars, podcasts or blog posts) then subscribe to Kule Campbell’s newsletter.

    134. Growcode

    I promise this is the last shameless plug from me! If you would like to receive the latest news and tips on the topic of Ecommerce optimization (along with info about all our free in-depth guides when we publish them), then subscribe to the newsletter.

    Have We Missed Anybody Out?

    So there you have it! The 130 top Ecommerce influencers, blog and newsletters to follow.

    Have we missed anybody out?

    Let us know in the comments section below.

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